Fedora Talk at SCIT

Neependra Khare nkhare at fedoraproject.org
Mon Aug 4 11:15:20 UTC 2008


I went to SCIT(www.scit.edu) to judge the event the called 'OS-MAZE'
on 02/08/08, which was the part of their tech fest called

For 'OS-MAZE' there were two rounds:-
a. Written
b. Hands-On.

They conducted 'Written' round in the morning (9:45-10:45) and the
'Hands-On' round was from 2:30 to 4:30 PM.
Students from different colleges attended the event.Around 30-35 were
selected for 'Hands-On' round.Out of these 5 students were for the
Linux platform and rest of them were for Windows platform.

I reached there at 2:30 and presented the session on Fedora.I got 15
minutes time slot for the presentation.I used following presentation:-

The presentation was attended by the students who were selected for
the 'Hands-On' round.Some of the faculty members of SCIT also attended
the presentation. 90% of the attendees heard about Fedora/FOSS and
showed good interest in the presentation.

I started my presentation by giving some history about Fedora and went
over the slides.They were amazed by looking at slide #8 which mentions
"320,000 Fedora boxes checked in for updates last week" and have a
map.They also appreciated the slide #12, which describes the Fedora

I then followed rest of the slides.We then had a small discussion in
which we talked about the various means by which we can contribute to
the Fedora project.

Then I distributed the stickers and batches.

Also while judging the 'Hands-On' round students requested me to
suggest them some projects.I requested them to look at Fedora
site.Specially at :-

Three out of four winners was from SICSR.I requested them to contact me later.

Here are some pics of the event:-

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