Event Report Mukt.in

Siddharth Upmanyu siddharth at techbugs.org
Tue Aug 5 11:39:57 UTC 2008

Hi All,

Here goes the event report for Mukt.in a FOSS event held at Hyderabad, India

Mukt.in happened on 1,2,3 Aug in Osmina University Campus, Hyderabad.
I reached there on 2nd morning, got registered and started off with
attending the welcome session... My talk was scheduled on 3rd at 12
noon so I had some time to interact with people earlier.

There were quite a few representations, there were Debian folks,
Ubuntu, GSoC guys and many more.. The attending people were mostly
those who started using Linux not so long ago, and so there were a mix
of non-tech and tech sessions.

I started off when queries regarding Fedora, installations and like
that began to pour in, I was traveling with my laptop running partial
Rawhide, I demoed some features, how Fedoraproject is organized and
how to join in... some DVDs were burned and distributed along.
Later we also had a mini install fest where a few people were
interested in installing Fedora on the Laptops they got with them got
the F9 installed,

Later in the day i attended some sessions on OpenMoko, Indichix (
http://linuxchix.org ) Ruby... and also distributed Fedora Media.


On 3rd I was told that there might be some change in the timings for
the schedule but later it came out that my talk was at same time 12
As it happened rain scared off some of the people and there were less
then expected audience, I gave an overview of how things at
Fedoraproject works, how distros become different because of choices
made by the downstream even if the upstream for all the code is
same(the Fedora philosophy), and of course how and why to participate.
there were lot of questions regarding how to get started, what exactly
to do and how Fedora does things, and although there were some
problems with connecting to the net I explained the process to join
and participate at different Projects.

in the end of the session demos were shown for Live CD/USB (many
people were interested in Live USB and got one in the end ), and also
the Fedora Media distribution.


The report is available at http://www.techbugs.org/wiki/MuktIN
I'll update the page as soon as i get the snaps for the event from organizers.


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