Meeting minutes for 10/08/2008

Kushal Das kushaldas at
Sun Aug 10 15:49:47 UTC 2008

Hi all,
Pasted below:

Aug 10 18:41:35 <mether>	ok, lets get one with the meeting
Aug 10 18:41:37 <mether>	roll call
Aug 10 18:42:07 <mj0vy>	Sreejith Anujan
Aug 10 18:42:25 <mether>	Rahul Sundaram
Aug 10 18:42:31 <lonetwin>	Steven Fernandez
Aug 10 18:43:02 <kushal>	KushalDas
Aug 10 18:43:10 <abby87>	(new Ambassador)Abhishek Rane
Aug 10 18:43:17 <kushal>	abby87, welcome :)
Aug 10 18:43:31 <abby87>	kushal: thanks
Aug 10 18:45:29 *	franciscod (n=Ankur at has joined #fedora-india
Aug 10 18:45:53 <kushal>	people you can visit more videos at 
Aug 10 18:45:59 <mether>	ok, lets get started
Aug 10 18:46:17 <mether>	last week, we have bought up some equipment and 
started doing podcasts
Aug 10 18:46:21 <mether>	and some screencsats
Aug 10 18:46:38 <mether>	you can see them at the link kushal das has pointed 
to and in his blog
Aug 10 18:46:47 <abby87>	ok
Aug 10 18:47:09 <mether>	franciscod: Ankur Sinha has submitted a couple of 
Aug 10 18:48:00 <mether>	chacha_chaudhry: a few additional ones too and those 
are still waiting on review if you are interested in doing that
Aug 10 18:48:13 <mether>	I think I managed to get most of mine closed and done 
except for maybe one or two
Aug 10 18:48:33 <mether>	thanks to reviews from chacha_chaudhry and rishi
Aug 10 18:49:20 <mether>	we are going to be writing articles for CHIP magazine 
and lonetwin has promised us one ;-)
Aug 10 18:49:43 <mether>	if anyone else is interested, do let me know after 
the meeting
Aug 10 18:49:45 <mj0vy>	mether, thats great!
Aug 10 18:49:51 <abby87>	wow
Aug 10 18:50:08 <mether>	lonetwin: want to pitch in anything?
Aug 10 18:50:57 <rishi>	mether: franciscod is Ankur Sinha.
Aug 10 18:51:00 <chacha_chaudhry>	mether: may we follow that thread for 
requests needing review .. I will catch those which interest me
Aug 10 18:51:27 <mether>	rishi: i am aware, just wanted to link his name with 
the irc nick while i was referring to him
Aug 10 18:51:43 <mether>	chacha_chaudhry: alright, that would be good
Aug 10 18:52:31 <mether>	did I miss out anything else significant last week?
Aug 10 18:53:05 <mether>	ah yes, tuxmaniac and techbugs attended in 
Aug 10 18:53:26 <chacha_chaudhry>	franciscod: update that thread -- with 
Aug 10 18:53:39 <franciscod>	chacha_chaudhry, which thread? link please?..
Aug 10 18:53:55 <mether>	tuxmaniac: has talked about Fedora Electronics spin 
and techbugs gave a introductory talk
Aug 10 18:53:57 <chacha_chaudhry>	it is in fedora-india list
Aug 10 18:54:15 <mether>	both has written down a report in their blogs. I will 
link to them in the meeting notes if others havent read it already
Aug 10 18:54:35 <franciscod>	chacha_chaudhry, Ill just check up.. must have 
got it..
Aug 10 18:54:41 <mether>	did anyone try the Fedora 10 Alpha release?
Aug 10 18:54:51 <kushal>	mether, you did :)
Aug 10 18:54:59 <franciscod>	mether,  I did.. the live cd..
Aug 10 18:55:19 <mether>	kushal: yes, I did. I am in fact running it on my 
laptop right now
Aug 10 18:55:24 <lonetwin>	mether: as far as the CHIP article is concerned, I 
think we didn't meet the 8th Aug deadline, so I guess it'd be done for the 
next issue (oct ?) (if that is an option, that is)
Aug 10 18:55:56 <mether>	lonetwin: we can still submit the one I wrote. Mine 
is almost complete at this point.
Aug 10 18:56:01 <abby87>	what is to be written in the CHIP article?
Aug 10 18:56:17 <abby87>	if required can i help?
Aug 10 18:56:36 <mether>	abby87: sure, drop in a mail post meeting and i will 
let you know the details
Aug 10 18:56:41 <tuxmaniac>	kushal: any idea what software jace uses for 
resizing images and uploading?
Aug 10 18:56:42 <lonetwin>	mether: sure ! I think that would be best
Aug 10 18:57:09 <kushal>	tuxmaniac, Adobe lightroom 
Aug 10 18:57:13 <kushal>	oops
Aug 10 18:57:16 <kushal>	sorry 
Aug 10 18:57:19 <abby87>	mether: whom should i mail ?
Aug 10 18:57:23 <mether>	abby87: me
Aug 10 18:57:44 <tuxmaniac>	kushal: not Adobe Lightroom?
Aug 10 18:57:51 <abby87>	btw fedora 10 aplha visual preview is there on this 
Aug 10 18:58:10 <mether>	yes, the media reports have been posted to fedora 
marketing list
Aug 10 18:58:24 <mether>	i think i covered all of them already
Aug 10 18:58:30 <abby87>	mether: ok
Aug 10 18:59:19 <mether>	There were many Fedora people who attended the OLS 
conference and the presentations have been published in
Aug 10 18:59:31 <kushal>	tuxmaniac, pm
Aug 10 18:59:37 <mether>	videos are available too as part of the Fedora TV 
Miro feed
Aug 10 19:00:02 <tuxmaniac>	sure
Aug 10 19:00:05 <mether>	yum install Miro and subscribe to the feed if you are 
interested. we are also publishing screencosts, podcasts and other content as 
part of that
Aug 10 19:00:23 <abby87>	well i had one question ..the packaging for amarok 
alpha versions is not there ...any development expected on that front?
Aug 10 19:00:47 <mether>	abby87: ask in #fedora-kde channel
Aug 10 19:01:02 <abby87>	mether: ok,thanks
Aug 10 19:01:32 <generalBordeaux>	mether, i tried F10 Alpha on virtualBox ..
Aug 10 19:01:38 *	Bonaparte has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
Aug 10 19:01:40 <franciscod>	chacha_chaudhry, I havent got a mail on the india 
list regarding packages.. wierd.. can you please forward it to me?
Aug 10 19:01:53 <mether>	generalBordeaux: cool. might want to post your 
experiences somewhere
Aug 10 19:02:11 <generalBordeaux>	mether, i'll ... already files 3 bugs with 
different apps ..
Aug 10 19:02:15 <generalBordeaux>	filed*
Aug 10 19:02:17 <mether>	excellent
Aug 10 19:02:26 <franciscod>	chacha_chaudhry, sanjay_ankur at ?
Aug 10 19:03:22 <mether>	franciscod: just send a new mail to fedora-india with 
the list of packages you have submitted for review. that should be enough
Aug 10 19:03:39 <franciscod>	mether, Ill do that..
Aug 10 19:04:40 <mether>	I have heard that might be pre-poned to 
November . Just FYI
Aug 10 19:04:50 <abby87>	ooh
Aug 10 19:04:55 <abby87>	december is good
Aug 10 19:04:59 <mether>	anybody else had anything to add or questions to ask
Aug 10 19:05:15 <mether>	abby87: *shrug*, talk to the conference people if 
that is important to you
Aug 10 19:05:44 <abby87>	yeah :)
Aug 10 19:06:05 <kushal>	We are also going to start Fedora new podcasts
Aug 10 19:06:21 <kushal>	* news
Aug 10 19:06:21 <generalBordeaux>	kushal, did you checkout ipython ?
Aug 10 19:06:48 <kushal>	generalBordeaux, ipython why ? though used it long 
Aug 10 19:07:06 <abby87>	kushal: So can anyone contribute desktop videos as 
Aug 10 19:07:07 <kushal>	where we are going to mention key points happened in 
the day 
Aug 10 19:07:14 <mether>	franciscod: if you have the chat logs for the 
packaging walk through sessions, can you post them to the list?
Aug 10 19:07:26 <kushal>	abby87, yes, see the Fedora TV on fedorahosted 
Aug 10 19:07:32 <franciscod>	mether, okay..
Aug 10 19:07:45 <kushal>	we will also cover other linux news in the podcast 
Aug 10 19:07:47 <franciscod>	mether, all of them?
Aug 10 19:07:55 <generalBordeaux>	kushal, after watching your podcast on tab 
completion .. i posted that in #yum and James Antill suggested me to use 
ipython ... it has a lot of extra features ...
Aug 10 19:08:00 <abby87>	kushal: ok
Aug 10 19:08:05 <mether>	franciscod: yes or post them over to the wiki and 
drop me a link
Aug 10 19:08:12 <franciscod>	mether, okay.
Aug 10 19:08:51 <kushal>	generalBordeaux, yes, but it is not actual cpython :)
Aug 10 19:09:13 <kushal>	generalBordeaux, I love to point newbies to cpython 
Aug 10 19:09:22 <kushal>	later they can use whatever they want :)
Aug 10 19:10:44 <generalBordeaux>	kushal, sounds good for noobs ...
Aug 10 19:10:49 <mether>	one question for everyone: should we move the 
meetings over to #fedora-india
Aug 10 19:11:00 <mether>	ugh
Aug 10 19:11:03 <mether>	#fedora-meeting channel
Aug 10 19:11:18 <kushal>	I feel this room more comfortable 
Aug 10 19:11:34 <generalBordeaux>	+1 for #fedora-india
Aug 10 19:11:34 <mether>
Aug 10 19:11:46 <abby87>	this one is good but a separate channel for meetings 
wud be better
Aug 10 19:12:02 <generalBordeaux>	mether, unless you have specific plans
Aug 10 19:12:19 <abby87>	+1 for #fedora-meeting
Aug 10 19:12:31 <mether>	the general idea for fedora meeting channel is that 
everyone can just auto-login to the channel and participate when they want to
Aug 10 19:12:54 <mether>	The only requirement is that we dont conflict with a 
existing meeting on timings and we use the above wiki page to coordinate on 
Aug 10 19:13:26 <mether>	I think are also running a bot on the channel for 
logging meetings
Aug 10 19:13:59 <mether>	its not a big deal. Just a thought
Aug 10 19:14:44 <mether>	I will post to the list and we can discuss this over 
there. I will end the meeting now unless anybody else had additional comments
Aug 10 19:15:17 <mj0vy>	mether, do we need to move to #fedora-meeting now?
Aug 10 19:15:29 <mether>	nope. we havent decided yet
Aug 10 19:15:43 <abby87>	do a vote
Aug 10 19:15:59 <mether>	in the list, yes
Aug 10 19:16:07 <abby87>	put up a poll on fedora wiki ...
Aug 10 19:16:15 <mj0vy>	it it gets a wider audience, i think we can mve!
Aug 10 19:16:18 <mether>	wiki doesnt have polling features
Aug 10 19:16:23 <abby87>	so that ppl can decide and vote at their own 
Aug 10 19:16:28 <abby87>	ohh
Aug 10 19:16:41 <mether>	I will post to the list and everyone can reply. That 
would be all
Aug 10 19:16:48 <kushal>	mj0vy, do we require wider than India for India 
meetings (just a question)
Aug 10 19:17:43 <mether>	--- END MEETING  ---



Fedora Ambassador, India (Linux User Group of Durgapur)

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