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Sun Aug 17 14:02:33 UTC 2008

Hi All

Today we had a meeting at *#fedora-india* at 6.30 PM IST
Those who missed it, here is the **meeting logs** :--

<kushal> --MEETING  STARTED--
<kushal> Roll Call please
<kushal> KushalDas
<ria> Ria Das
<Soumya> SoumyaChakraborty
<kushal> no one else ?
<kushal> Bonaparte, chacha_chaudhry generalBordeaux mavu sankarshan
tuxmaniac meeting ?
<generalBordeaux> kushal, thanks for the ping :)
<generalBordeaux> present sir :D
<Bonaparte> SudheerSatyanarayana
<kushal> generalBordeaux, roll call
* sankarshan nods
<mavu> Satya Komaragiri
<tuxmaniac> Aanjhan. jsut a passer by :-)
<kushal> :)
<generalBordeaux> \o/
<kushal> so , we can start ...
<generalBordeaux> agenda?
<kushal> dates announced
<kushal> that means , many things needs to be taken care of
<kushal> Nov 25 - Nov 29th this year
<kushal> in Bangalore
<kushal> First of all , we are planning to have a proper Fedora stall this
<Bonaparte> ?
<kushal> need volunteer to manage that :)
<kushal> Bonaparte, yes
<Bonaparte> kushal, is there a wiki link describing what is planned for the
<kushal> Bonaparte, nothing yet, thanks for volunteering to make that page
<kushal> :)
<kushal> Bonaparte, main idea as we discussed before here is :
<Bonaparte> kushal, I sure can. I hope I won't do a sloppy job volunteering
for that
<kushal> To have more workshops than talks
<Bonaparte> Having workshops makes more sense
<sankarshan> wasn't there a page summing up the earlier plans ?
<kushal> sankarshan, I am bad with wiki links
<kushal> sankarshan, may be mether made one
<sankarshan> yeah i guess so, grokking my inbox for that
<kushal> btw, all people please read this
<Bonaparte> kushal, what is needed to have a Fedora stall?
<Soumya> kushal, its already in the planet
<kushal> Bonaparte, Volunteers first, then some demonstration , liveusb
buring station
<sankarshan> was the
note that got wikified
* sankarshan goes to whack Firefox, open damnit
<Bonaparte> kushal, I am willing to offer my time and whatever resources I
can for the event
<sankarshan> is the
<sankarshan> the dates need to be rejigged
<kushal> Bonaparte, cool, so we can take your name for the stall
<kushal> sankarshan, thanks for the links :)
<Bonaparte> kushal, yes, you can
<sankarshan> and while or, more precisely FUDCon at is a major
focus, there are other events at
* sankarshan notes that the EventTracker page does not have listed
although tuxmaniac and techbugs did a fine job
<kushal> So we can see details on the FUDCON page
<kushal> one of the major target is packaging sessions
<kushal> for which we started to have irc based sessions
* mj0vy (n=sanujan at has joined #fedora-india
<kushal> then create your own spin sessions :)
* empLinux (i=empoweri at has joined #fedora-india
<sankarshan> Umm.. ok, so if you have read the plans by now, the idea is to
have a set of activities as opposed to a 'set of talks'
<sankarshan> Talks are good, but with the kind of stuff that's happening
around Fedora right now, it would be nice to have a constant set of tasks at
<empLinux> Hello friends..
<sankarshan> That means that if there are any aspects which you would like
to demonstrate, show, talk, have a workshop around - hit fedora-india
mailing list with the idea
<kushal> Anyone has anything else to talk about ?
<Bonaparte> Yes
<Bonaparte> I have come across few software that are not in the Fedora repo
<Bonaparte> Would someone like to add them?
* mavu_ is now known as mavu
<kushal> Bonaparte, you can start package them, and also put them in the
wish list
<Bonaparte> kushal, I wish I had more time to contribute packages to Fedora
<Bonaparte> Wishlist sounds like a good idea
<kushal> ok, so if no other issues we can call the meeting's end
<kushal> 5
<kushal> 4
<kushal> 3
<kushal> 2
<kushal> 1
<kushal> --MEETING ENDS--

Soumya Kanti Chakraborty

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