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Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel wrote:
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> ankit at redhat.com
> I am binod , final year electronics engineering student.Most of the
> students of my coll are lacking idea about the free software .What me
> and my group members are thinking is to organize an event which can
> provide proper idea about it so that they will be encouraged to incline
> towards free software. i am expecting proper idea about how should we
> organize that event so that  more and more students get attracted to the
> events. 

Since you are a student of Electronics Engineering, I'd be tempted to
point you to the Fedora Electronic Lab [1] since you would be able to
relate to it pretty quickly.

Moving on from there, collect all like-minded group members and think
over the following:

+ what is it that you exactly want to do at this event ?
	- this is going to help you give shape to the agenda
+ who would be interested in attending / participating ?
	- this should allow you to assess the knowledge
+ how can Fedora work itself into the daily tasks that they do ?

Having an event to just introduce participants to Free and Open Source
software is going to be a kind of waste of resources. Since you mention
that this is more of an awareness event, having something of an
installation festival (install fest in general speak) would allow you
guide participants in installing and configuring their boxes. Starting
from there, one can slowly introduce them to various Fedora sub-projects
(and there are plenty) as well this mailing list, how to use the
#fedora-india IRC etc

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/FedoraElectronicLab


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