[Ambassadors] How to Organise Fedora Event in my Region

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Fri Aug 22 04:33:06 UTC 2008

Hi Rishikesh,

Rishikesh Sharma wrote:

> I want to organise Fedora Event, maybe Fedora 10 release or media
> distribution in my region for the very first time. I am also the only
> fedora ambassador in my region. So, i would like to organise fedora
> event for the first time in my region. Please help and support me to
> organise such event in my region for the first time.

It is great to know that you have taken the onus of organizing a Fedora
event at Manipur. I recall that the Linux-Manipur group keeps on
organizing regular events. Would it be possible for you to check up with
them ? The reason I suggest this is that it would lead to a coupling of
forces and provide you with the existing contacts to organize a Fedora
10 release party perhaps.

A release party is generally a whole lot of fun since you get to meet
new people, help each other resolve niggling issues while installation
and configuration and have a great time within the group.

If waiting for Fedora 10 release seems too long, you can take up
September 20th (Software Freedom Day) and organize a meetup with the
agenda of:

+ talk about Free and Open Source Software
+ introducing participants to Fedora
+ handing out Fedora 9 media
+ talking a bit about how to participate and contribute to Fedora

If you require any kind of support please feel free to drop into
#fedora-india (on irc.freenode.net) or the fedora-india at redhat.com
mailing list (which I put in cc:)


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