Request for support to Install Fest at NIT Durgapur on 25th, 26th, 27th September

Debayan Banerjee debayanin at
Mon Aug 25 05:37:16 UTC 2008

Mr. Sankarshan,

> It would be nice if you could find out the cost of producing DVD locally
> to you.
We shall produce several DVDs locally at the institutes expense. The thing
is, getting branded Fedora DVDs, about 10-20, would be nice. Burning a
writex/sony DVD and offering it as prizes is not that great an idea as
compared to giving out labeled Fedora DVDs. As such, we have sufficient
media and repository space to serve the institute's needs.

> Fedora Stickers and the like can be sent across fairly easily.
That is indeed a pleasent news. When can you ship it, and what stuff other
than stickers can we get? Is there anything else you would want us to do?
~Debayan --
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