[fedora-india] Fedora 9 Bugs or Problems

ElectroMech electromech at electromech.info
Thu Aug 28 14:06:48 UTC 2008

Any body have fix.

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Hi Friends ,

I Installed Fedora 9 On My Laptop

The Problems I am facing is..

1. From Grub When I choose fedora for the booting after press enter on
that my keyboard and mouse stop working i have to hard-boot
fedora.after three or four times hard-boot it start working.but in
windows xp is working completely fine i dont need to restart it even 1
time so i dont think thats hardware issue.

2. My Wireless LAN Card & My LAN adapter both always inactive mode
whenever i restart i have to active it manually every time.

3. TV Tuner Card Is not working

4. GNOME Problem I am not able to see anything just white screen
appears then nothing appears.KDE Working fine (I Seen this type of
post before from someone also)

try to help me friends

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