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Fri Aug 29 07:53:21 UTC 2008


For those who have missed it, Susmit blogged today about the fact that
he wasn't feeling up to the task of being the face of Fedora in front of
an audience at an Engineering College.


In this case, I believe that the buck stops with me. And I take it as a
lesson to work on the media availability bits so that this does not get

I thought I had (wrongly as it turns out) fixed the media availability
bits for this particular event. So Susmit, I am sorry that you feel the
way you do. As a Fedora Ambassador and a pioneer mirror manager, you
don't deserve to feel that way and we intend to take care of that.

Susmit is going to represent Fedora at Nagpur at an event called AXIS
and we are going to ensure that there is media.

Sometime earlier, I'd written to the list about those who would desire
to have a set of media which they can use to meet the demands from the
users. Barring Kushal and Debarshi no one had responded. So, if you do
require a set of media which you intend to use to meet demands locally,
please feel free to write to the list and let's get on with making that

It is a fairly known fact that making media bits available to every
request and meeting the demands for bulk shipment of media is somewhat
expensive. For that particular reason, we begun by choosing a very small
subset of FOSS events in the country. We have been lucky in the fact
that other events had sponsors like Nilesh (aka Electromech) who have
come forward with support of media.

Currently, I have no more F9 media with me. I expect a small run to
happen, but that will take at least 20 days. iLUG-Delhi (and especially
Gora) are organizing a large number of workshops and they are doing a
production run of media again to meet the expected demands.

So, what happens if you have an event to attend or organize ?

[*] please let the list know about when it is going to happen
[*] put an owner to the event
[*] put that on the event tracker page
[*] if you get media sponsored, please follow it up

Suggestions for improvement to the media bits issue are welcome.



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