[fedora-india] IRC meeting log. Aug 31, 2008. 0630 IST.

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at gmail.com
Sun Aug 31 13:38:03 UTC 2008

<mether> kushal: meeting?
<kushal> yes
<kushal> :)
<mether> anyone else here
* susmit :)
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<mether> susmit: welcome
<susmit> mether, thanks
<mether> I think most of last week is just people recovering from
Fedora infrastructure being unavailable for sometime
<mether> but we did get a video camera to post video podcasts
<mether> or take interviews when appropriate
<kushal> :)
<mether> susmit: are you going to be attending foss.in?
<susmit> mether, yes
<mether> are you going to be presenting?
<mether> if you want to help organize the event and be the event
owner, let me know
<mether> kushal: did you get livecd-creator built ?
<susmit> why don't someone near bangalore take up? Won't it be
difficult from so much distant?
<kushal> mether, not yet
<mether> susmit: well coordination is just over email
<mether> doesnt matter where you are for the most part
<kushal> mether, need to update keys + bla bla in my personal laptop
<mether> do we have active contributors from Bangalore
<susmit> mether, will there be a Fedora Day?
<mether> yes
<mether> are you in fedora-india list?
<susmit> yes...
<mether> we have send many updates to that list
<mether> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon/FUDConIndia2008
<kushal> and you also must be in foss.in list
<susmit> I know this page, I even updated myself :), but is it confirmed?
<susmit> kushal, I forgot, thanks
<mether> Nope. we cant confirm there is a cfp and we propose an agenda
<mether> thats what requires a event owner to organize it
<kushal> mether, cfp is not out yet
<mether> which is what i said
<mether> until there is a cfp
<mether> we cant confirm
<susmit> fine, there should not be much of a problem in taking up the
ownership, provided there be bit assistance :)
<mether> kushal: get the livecd-creator built. we need it in before
the beta release
<mether> of course
<kushal> mether, ok, should be done in next week
<mether> since i am hoping to get it installed by default atleast in
the kde live cd
<mether> it is critical that we follow the release schedule
<susmit> btw, finally I tried my hand in packaging, and got
muktinarrow font packaged this morning...will submit for review soon.
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<susmit> mether, thanks for your tutorial
<mether> np
<mether> good to know
<mether> are you in fedora-fonts list?
<susmit> yes
<chacha_chaudhry> Rakesh is here
<susmit> today only :)
<mether> you might want to send a intro over there
<susmit> okies
<mether> chacha_chaudhry: hello
<chacha_chaudhry> mether: hello
<mether> we just suckered up susmit to be the event organizer for foss.in :-)
<chacha_chaudhry> :)
<chacha_chaudhry> +1
<mether> and kushal to help?
<kushal> mether, means ?>
<mether> kushal: arent you supposed to have been from bangalore?
<kushal> mether, yes :D
<mether> see
<mether> then you get to help
<kushal> heh, last year in the evening before foss.in we got stickers printed :D
<kushal> after first day I guess
<mether> chacha_chaudhry: what has been happening last week from your side
<chacha_chaudhry> I had been busy with some other stuff + packaging
<chacha_chaudhry> I have few easy to review requests if folks here are
interested -- txt2rss being one ;-)
<mether> post to list?
<chacha_chaudhry> there are few other I need to check -- yes i loved
to get vhdl-mode in BZ
<chacha_chaudhry> oh - yes will post today
<chacha_chaudhry> I keep forgetting :-/
<mether> any plans for software freedom day?
<mether> btw, everyone owning packages make sure you list them in comps.xml
<chacha_chaudhry> what is it for ?
<mether> package grouping
<kushal> brb
<mether> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers/CompsXml
<susmit> for SFD, we have an event here in kolkata...not sure if I can attend
<susmit> http://softwarefreedomday.org/teams/asiaandmiddleeast/india/ILUG-CALINFO
<mether> try to
<mether> or get someone else to
<susmit> will do
<mether> atleast it will help us get a feel of the event
<mether> if it is a important one, we need to make arrangements for
the year after ;-)
<susmit> :)
<chacha_chaudhry> mether: okay Thanks for link -- I am on fixing some
initscripts to meet LSB guidelines right now.
<mether> alright
<chacha_chaudhry> susmit: between i was there at one of workshops
being organized bu ilugd -- just to collect media from Gora
<susmit> how was the workshop?
<chacha_chaudhry> it was good.
<mether> that reminds me. what happened to fedorahosted.org projects?
<mether> did you get admin access. was content migrated over?
<susmit> not yet...not yet
<chacha_chaudhry> yes - yes I even got 1-2 students interested in
joining the project -- posted that media to them
<mether> cool
<chacha_chaudhry> it was for me mether ? :p
<mether> chacha_chaudhry: yes
<chacha_chaudhry> :)
<susmit> oh..I have a ticket for the same, so I misunderstood :)
<chacha_chaudhry> :^)
<mether> susmit: what project are you involved in
<susmit> where? #fedora-admin?
<mether> yes
<susmit> not in project...its about finding and removing all the
outdated projects from fedorahosted
<mether> ah ok
<susmit> https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/714
<mether> i was referring to one of the projects that chacha_chaudhry
was involved in that migrated from indlinux
<susmit> ok :)
<susmit> we have anything else to discuss?
<mether> no. thats it
<mether> susmit: can you post the log to the list?
<susmit> sure



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