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> Hi,
> For those who have missed it, Susmit blogged today about the fact that
> he wasn't feeling up to the task of being the face of Fedora in front of
> an audience at an Engineering College.
> http://susmit.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/today-i-have-a-talk-on-fedora/
> In this case, I believe that the buck stops with me. And I take it as a
> lesson to work on the media availability bits so that this does not get
> repeated.
> I thought I had (wrongly as it turns out) fixed the media availability
> bits for this particular event. So Susmit, I am sorry that you feel the
> way you do. As a Fedora Ambassador and a pioneer mirror manager, you
> don't deserve to feel that way and we intend to take care of that.
> Susmit is going to represent Fedora at Nagpur at an event called AXIS
> and we are going to ensure that there is media.
> Sometime earlier, I'd written to the list about those who would desire
> to have a set of media which they can use to meet the demands from the
> users. Barring Kushal and Debarshi no one had responded. So, if you do
> require a set of media which you intend to use to meet demands locally,
> please feel free to write to the list and let's get on with making that
> available.

We should be in a position to satisfy requirements in West Bengal soon. I
can convince college authorities to start the service, but they wont agree
beyond WB. We do ship media from time to time on special requests. Day
before yesterday, I shipped two linux DVDs to a guy in Jalpaiguri.

> It is a fairly known fact that making media bits available to every
> request and meeting the demands for bulk shipment of media is somewhat
> expensive. For that particular reason, we begun by choosing a very small
> subset of FOSS events in the country. We have been lucky in the fact
> that other events had sponsors like Nilesh (aka Electromech) who have
> come forward with support of media.
> Currently, I have no more F9 media with me. I expect a small run to
> happen, but that will take at least 20 days. iLUG-Delhi (and especially
> Gora) are organizing a large number of workshops and they are doing a
> production run of media again to meet the expected demands.
> So, what happens if you have an event to attend or organize ?
> [*] please let the list know about when it is going to happen

Will post as soon as it is final, and there will be enough info on
http://lug.nitdgp.ac.in .

> [*] put an owner to the event
> [*] put that on the event tracker page
> [*] if you get media sponsored, please follow it up
> Suggestions for improvement to the media bits issue are welcome.
> ~sankarshan--------
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