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Prakhar Agarwal prakhar at fedoraproject.org
Wed Dec 17 10:44:54 UTC 2008

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Hello Guys,
The Linux workshop has not ended yet!! Before you start thinking a lot, let
me clarify that IEEE has officially declared it closed, but guys what about
un-official?? We did not do it. did we?? :)
Anyways, I would like to share my thoughts/feelings that I came across in
past 15 days.
I feel extremely happy to write this letter.
First of all, I would like to thank and congratulate to everybody who was a
part of this extragavanza. It was the first official event related to
Linux/FOSS and I feel that we did pretty well. The enthusiasm displayed by
you all was much above my expectations. 15 days is not a short time and I'm
happy that we could connect to each other well. FOSS seems to have bridged
many gaps amongst us. We did not have 1st, 2nd, 3rd years sitting in the
sessions; we had JIITians!!
Secondly, I see this workshop as the foundation of FOSS at JIIT. My partners
Ankur and Puneet have done a splendid job. Without their efforts and fundoo
attitude we could not have lived the moments we cherish now.  IEEE JIIT
Student Chapter (IJSB) has provided us with a much needed platform to
showcase FOSS. Gaurav Darbari, Priyanka, Chandni, Varun Mittal and and the
whole IJSB team has really come together as great people supporting our
endeavors. I originally planned for an event in October but I guess December
was the month cut out for this. And tell you what, it was the perfect time
that we could have ever asked for.

Thirdly, I would like to thank Satyaakam Goswami Sir for his guidance during
the workshop. He went out of the way to setup dates with the guests like
Supreet (the Python guy) and Karunakar (l10n, i18n guy). Satyaakam Sir's
mentorship was a blessing for us and I hope that the relation will continue
further and we all will gain more and more. I also thank Rajan Vaish (JUIT
Solan), Chirag Anand (JUIT Solan) and Khushbu Mohta (KEC) for sharing their
experiences with us. This indeed helped us to connect to FOSS as students. I
also thank Susmit Shannigrahi and the Fedora team who provided us with the
Fedora material and Gora Mohanty Sir who carried them all the way from
Bangalore to Delhi which were then picked up by Satyaakam Sir. See how
things happen in FOSS. :) I leave it upto you to search for the unknown
names I just mentioned and share with other on JIIT-LUG.

On a much personal front, I would like to say that I enjoyed sharing these
15 days with all of you. Just for the record, I never had this high
attendance in any of the semesters till date which was even brought to my
notice by my family :P
I hope we have touched FOSS well enough for you to explore further. FOSS for
me is a very emotional affair, its something that I was long been longing
for. I feel delighted to be associated with each one of you. If someone asks
me what is my contribution to FOSS till now, I would say "JIIT" without any
second thoughts. I feel very fortunate that I could convince you people to
join this side of software development.
Lastly, I wish that everyone who participated will not let the FOSS inside
you die with the receipt of certificate. It took birth to grow and blossom.
It would be very disheartening if the number of FOSSy guys from Workshop
drops. We had some 80+ guys at the beginning and on last day we had 40+.
Some of our friends left in between the workshop due to various reasons.
Though they did miss out on some things but NOTHING is lost. If you have
some complains/doubts/anything, please post on this thread. Don't keep it
inside you. We in FOSS world don't close anything, we share!! Also, I
request you to work towards spreading the FOSSness around JIIT. There were
many who did not join us this time. They also need to be made aware of what
we are upto. Talk about your experience and share your knowledge with others
to achieve this. Ask for help if you feel and I believe you know what/how to
do in FOSS. I hope you have put up the stickers wherever possible. :)
Also, I have done a small exercise in past 2 day to sum up the workshop. I
will divulge the details soon(its a surprise!). Next, I was wondering if we
can call ourselves FOSS family?? I have some roles/plans for this family and
everyone will easily fit in it. Please do post here and express your
views about anything. (BUT, please don't hijack the thread)  :)
Keep you doubts/concerns pouring on JIIT-LUG. We have not started to stop.
Wishing you all happy vacations and a fun-filled FOSS journey, I hereby
announce Linux Workshop un-officialy closed!

Let the FOSSness spread!!
Prakhar Agarwal
Linux User# 474643
"Life is the greatest teacher"
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