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Mon Jan 28 06:15:43 UTC 2008

On Jan 28, 2008 10:18 AM, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay
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> You might like to ask Venkatesh Hariharan (venky at redhat dot com) who
> heads the Open Source Affairs at Red Hat. I don't know if Venky is on
> this list.

Does anyone have any idea in what way does Red Hat usually support
such kind of events?

> Do you have any notional figures about how many Fedora media would be
> required to be created ?

I think around 200 Fedora dvds will be more than enough. They can act
as an incentive as well as help more people use linux. Ofcourse, if
anyone has any other ideas to attract participation - i'll be really
glad to hear it.

> | Btw, we were also hoping to have a guest-lecture by someone involved
> | with linux. Anyone here who can enlighten us all?
> Unless someone is willing to pay on his own to reach Pilani for this, it
> is highly unlikely that you will elicit interest given that you have not
> posted any Call for Papers, Theme of the event etc.

Yes, there is no proper conference or symposium as such. All we want
is someone related to linux development to give a talk. The expenses
for the commute etc will be taken care of by the Institute.

> | PS: The google group is pretty much stagnant because almost all of the
> | communication is held on the internal forums etc.

> *That* is one of the worst possible ways to handle a LUG

Err.. the google groups website is not always accessible from the
college network because of congestion. That is the sole reason why we
shifted all the discussions to the internal network.

Btw, this is in no way a formal thing. I fully  understand that we
need to furnish details about the events and the fest, as well as
proof that we really will conduct the events etc. I can request the
professors or the organizers of the event to provide all the necessary
details anyone might need, since we are not an official LUG or

Thanks again for all the help and responses.

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