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Wed Jul 2 04:57:01 UTC 2008

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> The regional teams page provides a list of contributors. Bringing 
> visibility to Indian contributors makes it easy for someone new to 
> Fedora to get hold of one of them and clarify doubts, get media or any 
> number of other activities not to mention motivation to contribute 
> themselves. We can highlight this better. For example, list out in more 
> details what people have contributed might be useful. If I knew Person x 
> has python expertise and speaks my native tongue then I might go to him 
> or her to understand python better. Localization of the contributor 
> specific documentation might also be useful. The website would just make 
> it easier to provide a more central forum for such activities.

All good thoughts. What is nagging at me is what we can do to put more 
names up there. Not like chalk marks on a wall, but more like folks who 
do contribute and are absent from that list just because they did not 
know it exists and we did not do enough.


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