FUDCon India 2008

Kushal Das kushaldas at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 12:18:59 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 01 July 2008 05:11:10 am Sankarshan (সঙ্কর্ষণ) wrote:
> o why do we want to do a FUDCon at foss.in
Few things can be done like
1. Direct recruit of Fedora Ambassadors
    Get the CLA done there only, they must have laptop or someway to sign the 

2. Packaging marathon:
    We do have a good number of experienced packagers. So, get them all, sit 
and let try to have at least one package per person packaged and reviewed. We 
can get the newbies there (they will need some extra attention) .
    For this we should start discussion and ask interested people to join the 
mailing from now, so that we can have a proper discussion on basics here 
(which will help the new packagers).

3. l10n marathon: 
    Same as above, do the translation.

> o who is our audience
Existing contributors + students + people who have knowledge but don't know 
from where to start.

> o how do we determine the success of FUDCon at foss.in
After 1 month see how many new contributors keep doing the work.

> o what lessons do we have from Project Day last year
What I think, people love to listen and then forget when they go back to home.

> o what 'activities' do we intend to do
I will write my ideas in a different mail.

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