FUDCon India 2008

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Wed Jul 2 13:37:12 UTC 2008

Debarshi Ray wrote:

[snipping off some nice bits]

> The issue here is that most of the talks were like "technology
> show-off" ones, except the one by Andrew Cowie on multi-threaded Gtk+
> programming and a few others. Although most of the items did contain
> internal details and were delivered by the core contributors, there
> was not much oppurtunity for someone to walk in as an interested,
> non-contributor and walk out as a newbie, contributor.

Nod. This is the exact point that we should address. Not show off talks, 
but real meat which can help potential contributors join in. In whatever 
small way they can. An underlying focus should be to ensure that talks 
are not "look here, now here is this cool thingy which can be tweaked to 
do these super cool bling" but more on "here is this cool thingy and 
here's where all you can start contributing".

The answer(s) to the question "Well, I am at the FUDCon at foss.in, now 
what ?" when asked by any member of the audience should provide multiple 
paths to contribution


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