That 'FUDCon' thing

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i meant how do you know if you CAN participate..

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Refer to the page put up by mether at

Here's an attempt to collate the dominant thoughts on this thread so far 
and, come up with a list of stuff that we could attempt to do.

This isn't a complete list and the items are indicative.

For a significant number of the items, we need to prep up the audience 
well before with sessions on IRC and we need to come up with a 
plan for that too.

Underlying theme: increase the quality and quantity of contributions to 
the Fedora project by pitching FUDCon at as a barcamp style 
hackfest rather than talkathons.

Intended audience: Existing contributors to the Fedora Project, 
potential contributors to the Fedora Project, users of Fedora and any 
other person who walks into FUDCon at

ThingsToHappen: A list of stuff we can do if we put our minds to it. The 
list should be a clear and concise answer to the question "I am at 
FUDCon now what ?" Below is a summary of what has been discussed. These 
are just topics, there are no names attached yet. Additionally, we 
haven't talked about which developers would like to attend from outside 
of India.


+ CLA Stations: recruitment as Fedora Ambassadors to be followed up with 
sessions on what Ambassadors can expect, and what is expected out of them

+ LiveUSB Stations: this is mandatory. Bring your own USB and get a 
LiveMedia installed. Can take this further to compose custom spins too, 
but that is open to discussion.

+ Packaging: this is mandatory. Hands-on sessions around packaging 
applications from the 'wish list' and guiding potential packagers about

what to do. Can (and should) be extended to packaging Java applications 
for Fedora. Need to figure how to involve ISVs into the game as well.

mether has mentioned the Decorative Fonts packaging as a live example.

+ Debugging using Systemtap: with Systemtap being a GSoC entry this 
year, we need to plan a session to push more scripts into the War 
Stories. Very hands-on and immediate pushes into upstream wiki.

+ Desktop Test Cases: Testopia provides a good base to start building up 
a repository of desktop test cases. Coupled with 'special Spins' this 
can help in the item below. Hands-on and continuous session.

+ Fedora Desktop QA: Cooking up test cases and using ones from above 
towards coming up addition to the QA process and team.

+ The KDE Desktop and Fedora: Testing and other related things. <PARTIAL 

+ Bug Triage: <FIXME>

+ Merge Review: <FIXME>


+ Spin Doctor: Session on spinning your own Fedora

+ L10n + i18n Sprint: QA and hands-on sessions on getting started with these

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