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Replying to oneself is such a sweetness.

Sankarshan (সঙ্কর্ষণ) wrote:


> For a significant number of the items, we need to prep up the audience 
> well before with sessions on IRC and we need to come up with a 
> plan for that too.
> Underlying theme: increase the quality and quantity of contributions to 
> the Fedora project by pitching FUDCon at as a barcamp style 
> hackfest rather than talkathons.
> Intended audience: Existing contributors to the Fedora Project, 
> potential contributors to the Fedora Project, users of Fedora and any 
> other person who walks into FUDCon at
> ThingsToHappen: A list of stuff we can do if we put our minds to it. The 
> list should be a clear and concise answer to the question "I am at 
> FUDCon now what ?" Below is a summary of what has been discussed. These 
> are just topics, there are no names attached yet. Additionally, we 
> haven't talked about which developers would like to attend from outside 
> of India.


What all this does mean is that this would be a first time that a FUDCon 
would be held at Thus, it allows a significant opportunity to 
figure out how a FUDCon fits into the ethos of 'generating 

Add to that, we need to figure out the bits about the following:

+ what activities should we be doing prior to FUDCon at
+ what is the hall size we think would be a good to have
+ do we need one hall and a pair of stalls
+ what other infrastructure bits do we require (scratch the wifi since does generally flood the venue with bits_in_ether)
+ which developers are willing to come down from outside US
+ when do we start talking with the group willing to come down
+ what about the Fedora GSoC-ers meet
+ Sign-age and related artwork for FUDCon

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