That 'FUDCon' thing

"Sankarshan (সঙ্কর্ষণ)" foss.mailinglists at
Mon Jul 7 10:48:20 UTC 2008

Debarshi Ray wrote:

> Will we literally target anyone walking into FUDCon at If we do,
> we may have to indulge in a significant amount of bootstrapping to
> tune them into the Fedora scheme of things.

Yes. We should literally target anyone walking into FUDCon at - 
since we expect the walk-ins to contribute

There are two aspects to this. I'd like to have an agenda which makes it 
explicitly clear as to what is the intent of having a FUDCon and what is 
going to happen. And, that translates into working on honing a perfect 

That said, your statement below is of importance. We cannot simply turn 
a blind eye to a large segment of users or even potential users and we 
need to work on the bootstrapping.

There isn't much that takes to make the user -> contributor jump. I 
believe we owe it to our users to make the steps for the jump clear. 
Whether they choose to take it, is their choice.

> Or do we want to lay more stress on the pre-FUDCon build-up events?
> What about having non-IRC build-up events organized by the various
> user groups, etc.. ?

non IRC build up events via UGs are important and required.

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