Meeting log #fedora-india - 13th July 2008.

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at
Sun Jul 13 14:10:36 UTC 2008

This is the meeting log of #fedora-india meet to discuss FUDCon 2008
on 13July, 6:30PM..

<mether> ok folks
<mether> lets get started with the actual agenda
* abby87 (n=abhishek at has joined #fedora-india
<mether> roll call
<mether> RahulSundaram
<techbugs> SiddharthUpmanyu
<kushal> KushalDas
<susmit> SusmitShannigrahi
<chacha_chaudhry> Rakesh Pandit
<mether> for those who haven't seen it already
<mether> the general idea we have is to focus more on contributing
specific things
<mether> be it packaging, testing, reviewing or something else
<mether> and we need relatively simple achievable goals
<abby87> Abhishek Rane here (new member in fedora project ) (not
started contributing yet but i hope i wont be an alien here)
<kushal> abby87, welcome :)
<mether> that doesnt look like a alien name anyway
<susmit> abby87, welcome
<abby87> thanx
<mether> so the idea I have suggested is to respond to
<abby87> btw Fudcon is a really great idea
<mether> there are about a few dozen fonts
<mether> decorative, various scripts
<mether> and they are usually simple to package, review and maintain
<mether> we have IIRC about 600 or so packages waiting on review
<techbugs> we'll need ready systems with atleast a few drills done to
be effective..
<mether> many of them are simple enough to review
<mether> so we can have a review fest
<mether> for QA and bug triages
<mether> we have 6000+ bugs usually open at any time
<chacha_chaudhry> Does this fest happen periodically like should start
at least couple of months before or even now
<mether> we could get started right away
<mether> and carry it over to FUDCon
<chacha_chaudhry> yes
<mether> so everybody has the right ideas
<chacha_chaudhry> okay
<mether> and some experience on doing things
<mether> if there is anything more we need to pursue, I am open to that
<mether> if folks are interested in other areas like documentation,
artwork and so on
<susmit> and infra
<mether> how many people here are planning to attend ?
<susmit> +1
<techbugs> +1
<chacha_chaudhry> +2
* kushal does
<mether> alright, good
<abby87> me
<mether> how many have a laptop or any system you can carry with you to
<susmit> -1
<kushal> me
<chacha_chaudhry> +1
<abby87> no here
<techbugs> +1 :) and a big one
<mether> ok
<mether> if you have spare laptops, bring them along
<chacha_chaudhry> +1
<techbugs> yap sure
<mether> so you can loan it to people or booths temporarily
<kushal> mether, spare !!
<mether> work/personal/friend
<kushal> mether, ok
<mether> the current plans in the booth
<mether> are two things
<chacha_chaudhry> so how many folks can start in fest on those tasks right now
<susmit> chacha_chaudhry, ????
* kushal can not in this week
<mether> I think we can start doing it from next week then
<mether> but if you find time
<mether> in between
<mether> to work on any of these tasks, go ahead
<chacha_chaudhry> because may be we divide at least these tasks into
some parts and then achieve them and add more tasks if we have more
<mether> reviewing a package for example is just a one off task anybody can do
<mether> in half an hour or so
<mether> so
<mether> in the booth
<mether> two things
<mether> 1) get people signed up for a Fedora account. This is a click
through process
<mether> 2) a live usb station where anybody can bring a usb key and
load Fedora in them
<mether> I will also be carrying a entire Fedora mirror with me
<techbugs> 1,2 r do-able easily
<mether> and some goodies of course
<techbugs> :)
<susmit> ah, when it comes to mirroring, how about a hands on on that?
<mether> susmit, sure. note that in the wiki
<susmit> instant mirror +mirroring
<mether> whoever wants to lead any particular session, post it in the wiki
<mether> or if you havent access yet, post to the list
<mether> and i will copy over
<kushal> mether, so this time we are going to have a full time booth
<kushal> like they do in LinuxTag
<kushal> better for us
<mether> thats the idea assuming the conference folks agree
<kushal> mether, we had booths ever year
<kushal> mether, but no one manned them properly
* chacha_chaudhry does not know what booth is -- this is his first time
<kushal> for any project
<kushal> chacha_chaudhry, :)
<abby87> same prob here :(
<kushal> abby87, chacha_chaudhry  behind is the CentOS
<mether> booth is a stall
<mether> with posters
<mether> desk and people behind it
<chacha_chaudhry> okay
<kushal> Fedora booth
<techbugs> [power out,... dont know how long the netork will last]
<chacha_chaudhry> Nice
<kushal> and empty booth
<kushal> <eof> from em
<mether> essentially a sort of reception area
<susmit> techbugs, 5-1=4 :)
<kushal> s/em/me
<techbugs> not yet :)
<mether> do folks here have any other plans you want to discuss and
questions to ask
<susmit> yes
<mether> shoot
<abby87> yes we have
<susmit> Are we planning to contact all Indian contributors?
<kushal> contact means ?
<susmit> mail them
<kushal> susmit, that they will get in the list
<mether> we will advertise the conference in the mailing list. Does it
benefit to mail them individually?
<abby87> a silly question mebbe but we were talking of fonts but
aliasing of fonts on kde4 and gnome is it different ?
<susmit> mether, not really, just asking
<mether> abby87: nope. packaging fonts is desktop environment neutral
<mether> they all use fontconfig
<abby87> mether: ok
<chacha_chaudhry> what are main issues while packaging fonts --
license may be one ? I don't know though
<mether> we have a list of fonts which we have cleared and known to be
good licenses
<mether> but yes
<mether> you have to check the license and possibly origin
<mether> random fonts claim to be under a open license but copy glyphs
from proprietary fonts which is not allowed
<abby87> will we see any change in the default fonts in fedora ...coz
many ppl switch to ms fonts as they install fedora(any solution to
that prob?)
<mether> the fonts in the wishlist are usually those we have confirmed
to be good
<chacha_chaudhry> aah! Okay so we should essentially check glyphs
<mether> right
<kushal> But how ?
<mether> abby87:
<kushal> mether, I mean by searching or any special techniques
<mether> the popular tool
<mether> is to just use fontforge
<mether> and compare
<mether> but you dont usually have to do any of that
<mether> unless the origin is suspicious
<susmit> mether, have the guys been contacted?
<mether> fonts from the popular foundries such as SIL are good.
<mether> we have been in touch with them, yes
<mether> and they are ok with it. they just need to know the specific
requirements well in advance
<chacha_chaudhry> so when we have doubt then it takes a more time :)
Is it reason you told about checking origion
<mether> right
<chacha_chaudhry> *origin
<chacha_chaudhry> :)
<mether> the fudcon india page
<mether> has wishlist and review in progress
<mether> for fonts
<mether> where is rishi?
<susmit> missing
<susmit> :)
<chacha_chaudhry> rishi is away for long since few days
<mether> ok
<mether> besides the contributors here
<mether> is there any specific people you would like to bring to FUDCon?
<mether> Fedora contributors
<chacha_chaudhry> balaji will be coming
<susmit> may be indradg
<mether> ok
<susmit> will be coming
<mether> contact them and let them know
<susmit> will do
<mether> chacha_chaudhry: did you get a response on the sponsor request?
<chacha_chaudhry> no :(
<chacha_chaudhry> I am finishing two more today
<chacha_chaudhry> packages
<mether> ok. I will get someone to do that on Monday
<mether> till then, see if you can find more packages to review
<chacha_chaudhry> laconica + mailutils
<chacha_chaudhry> yes
<chacha_chaudhry> i will try more reviews
* kushal has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
<mether> alright
<susmit> just a sec,
<mether> susmit said he is interested to lead a session on mirroring
<susmit> yes
<mether> i am intending to demo creating spins
<mether> if you willing to lead other sessions, let me know
<susmit> don't we need some custom designs for t-shirt and caps ?
* kushal (n=kd at has joined #fedora-india
<techbugs> i'd like to take "how do you do XYZ with fedora"
<mether> i dont think there is any plan for caps currently
<kushal> mether, we want Max and paul to be in FUDCON
<mether> tshirts, we are planning to go with a generic design
<susmit> mether, fine
<mether> the generic blue one
<mether> we can do bulk orders
<mether> that is cheaper
<kushal> mether, tshirts , last FUDCon ones were very ver thin
<mether> yep. we are planning on better quality this time
<mether> if you have friends or anyone interested in contributing, try
to bring them along or bring to this channel
<mether> we can have regular irc meetings and help out
<kushal> mether, what about the guests ? like Max and Paul ?
* susmit thinks "FISL 9.0 - Brasil " does look good too
<mether> i have asked them already, we would only be able to confirm
by next quarter for travel
<abby87> can we decide now when will be the next irc meet? so it wud be better
<mether> same time next week?
<susmit> +1
<chacha_chaudhry> yes
<mether> we are hanging on this channel pretty much all the time
<abby87> cool
<mether> anyway
<chacha_chaudhry> lets do it regularly at least to see where we going
<kushal> mether, few of stay here all time :)
<mether> right
<mether> chacha_chaudhry: done
<mether> is anybody attending or presenting in any events before that?
<kushal> mether, may be not sure
<mether> ok
<chacha_chaudhry> not sure
<mether> so if you do attend events, write up event reports, blog it,
take pictures and make it public
<chacha_chaudhry> okay
<kushal> mether, btw, I want to be official Fedora Photographer :)
<mether> you can post your presentation to
<mether> kushal: if you volunteer, you are. period
* kushal steps ahead
* chacha_chaudhry places photographer crown on kushal's head
<abby87> gosh there is a wiki for everything in fedora !
<kushal> yay :)
* abby87 has quit (Remote closed the connection)
* susmit poses for a snap
<susmit> are we done?
<kushal> *click*
<mether> yep, unless others have anything else to add
<mether> can someone post the irc logs and meeting mins to fedora-india list?
 Usage: ME <action>, sends the action to the current channel (actions
are written in the 3rd person, like /me jumps)
• susmit does that
<mether> susmit: ok thanks
<mether> meeting done



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