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I recall asking about this in a separate mail. Below is a poke from the 

Do we have anyone to attend / demo / speak ? Do we want to be present at 
AXIS ? Does anyone have feedback from previous events ?


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Subject: FOSSters @ AXIS '08
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 15:43:38 +0530 (IST)
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[snipping off some stuff]

AXIS'08 is a three day technical festival scheduled to be held from 26th
to 28th of September this year.

The sole purpose for keeping this Open Source event (which is now being
held under the name FOSSters) in AXIS'08 is to popularize the usage of
free and open source among students of colleges all over India. The
competition will also help and encourage them to contribute to this
wonderful world of FOSS, which would eventually lead them to be linked
with FOSS for their whole lives.

The event format for Open Source Challenge, now being held under the name
"FOSSters", has been decided and is as follows:

                           The participants will have to submit their FOSS
project which can be an ongoing under
sourceforge.net or similar websites. Those not
currently working on a project can join such
projects or start their own project. The project
should not be one of the FOSS India Award 2008
or earlier winners, although it can be one of
those were nominated. The project may include a
new software, documentation , writing plug-ins
or finding bugs for existing ones. The
participants must clearly show their
contribution in the project.
               Judging criteria: 1. Importance of project.
                                             2. Contribution made by

For the FOSS Workshop/Lecture Series the topics suggested are as follows:
          1. gcc internals.
          2. GNOME Project and How to Contribute.
          3. Fedora and How to Contribute.
          4. Virtualization On Redhat Linux.
          5. How to make own Linux-Distro.

Any other suggestion is always welcome.

Being the most successful and popular company working with open source
community, RedHat can provide the right platform for attracting students
to this event.

With your support and encouragement we would be able to achieve our goal.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Anand Mattikopp
(Event Head FOSSters, AXIS'08).
+91 9890430982.


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