Tracking 'Fedora' stuff in Indian media - is a Fedora India beat feasible ?

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Hi Sankarshan,

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> Here's what I see - during a month 'Fedora' related stuff appears in
> various magazines, blogs and articles originating out of India. Some folks
> say nice things about events which had Fedora bits included or, organize
> events where Fedora got talked about / demonstrated / handed out and so on.
> Is there any way that such stuff can be collated on a monthly basis in a
> structured form ? Say, a Fedora India beat on the wiki ?
That's a great idea!

I don't know the details about how the Fedora Beat is produced but here is a
suggestion for a Fedora India Beat.

It could be done by tagging online urls and titles with a simple tag such as
"fedoraindia" at Tagging of items would be asynchronous and can
be done by several Fedora India team members. Compilation of the beat would
require collation once a month. The tagged items could be pulled onto the
Fedora wiki page. Contents on this feed/aggregator could be pulled into an
email every month which is technically the "Fedora India Beat" and sent out
via email/mailing lists.

This could be the first phase of generating an India specific beat and then
of course if there are folks who can collate news that is not making it
online at all then some real editing would kick in.

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