Your advice and help is required for Fedora Promotional activity

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Wed Jul 23 05:09:19 UTC 2008

nehal dattani wrote:
> Hi All,
> There is 3 days seminar/camp organized by Drupal in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 
> India on 8-10th August 2008.
> Please check the link:
> I wish to promote Fedora in this camp by running Drupal application on 
> Fedora 9 in all computers meant for presentation in the camp. I would 
> also like to distribute the Fedora 9 DVDs and Pens with Fedora Logo.
> I want to know is it legally allowed to have Fedora logo on Pens and 
> DVDs which are meant for distribution for the participants. The 
> participants count would be around 500 and I hope it would be good 
> platform to promote Fedora and Open Source as a whole.
> I need your advice and help.

Unmodified redistributions of Fedora can very well use the logo on the 
distribution media and that's completely legal and encouraged. If you 
can send me your address/ph no (offlist), I can pass on some goodies we 
have which can you use at the event.  Thanks.


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