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Sun Jul 27 14:06:34 UTC 2008

Hi All,

Today we had a meeting at #fedora-india ( at 6:30 PM .

For those who missed it here is the *meeting logs* :--

<kushal> KushalDas
<mj0vy> Sreejith Anujna
<nicbharadwaj> what are the topics to be discussed today??
<prosenji> ProsenjitBiswas
<nicbharadwaj> Nikhil Bharadwaj
<Soumya> SoumyaChakraborty
<mintos> Minto Joseph
<kushal> ok
<kushal> First, packaging session
<kushal> Every one, we are going to have a irc based packaging session
tomorrow  3pm here
<mj0vy> very new to the list, so let me be a silent listener!
<kushal> we will cover from the basics
<kushal> mj0vy, feel free to ask
<mj0vy> i will.. thanks..:)
<kushal> so, please ask your friends also to join in
<kushal> We tried to forward mether's mail on this issue to every list
<kushal> any points/questions on packaging sessions ?
<kushal> anyone
<nicbharadwaj> can it be postponed to a few more hours??
<kushal> nicbharadwaj, no , sorry for that
<nicbharadwaj> how long will the session last??
<nicbharadwaj> 1500 hrs ISt to....??
<kushal> nicbharadwaj, should be more than 1 hour
<kushal> plus we hope people will try to package something on that moment
<kushal> so
<Soumya> I took a aleave from office tommorow :)
<kushal> it should go ahead for few more hours
<kushal> Soumya, good work :P
<mintos> cool Soumya
<Soumya> Actually I will take a a leave, I will be ill tommorow (I love this
logic) :P
<nicbharadwaj> will that meet/session on IRC be sent via mail??
<Soumya> thanks mintos
<prosenji> Better to put it in the web so that people who cant attend can
see it after-hours too
<kushal> nicbharadwaj, yes, we will post the log
<kushal> prosenji, yes, in the wiki ;)
<nicbharadwaj> atleast in the fedora-india list
<kushal> nicbharadwaj, yes
<kushal> any this else on the issue ?
<prosenji> kushal: great :)
<kushal> Next , Fedora events
<kushal> nothing is listed there
<kushal> techbugs is supposed to go to
<kushal> and sushmit will go to the nagpur event
<kushal> those details should come to the wiki
<nicbharadwaj> even I will be there for the event @ hyderabad
<kushal> nicbharadwaj, cool
* chacha_c1audhry (n=rakesh at has joined #fedora-india
* techbugs wondering how my comp wakes me up when someone calls my name
<kushal> techbugs,  please fill wiki :)
<techbugs> sure
<kushal> And for all of us, please put any event that we can attend to
spread Fedora on the wiki
<kushal> techbugs, you have any update on trip ?
<techbugs> kaushal, my trip is planned on the weekend, I talked to the guys they will be having a session and some place reserved for
<kushal> techbugs, use tab :p
<techbugs> ah.. My office network wont let me login to wiki ... can someone
do the wiki edit on my behalk
<kushal> nicbharadwaj, ^^
<techbugs> kushal :) I mostly type faster
<kushal> anyway next point is Freemedia program
<kushal> techbugs, stage is yours :)
<nicbharadwaj> I will probably start up the fedora freemedia at hyd
<kushal> nicbharadwaj, delete the *probably* and start :)
<Bonaparte> ?
<techbugs> well guys, as always FreeMedia receives very big visitor list, we
are doing good but still number of requests are larger then what can be
<kushal> techbugs, you can forward bangalore requests to Soumya
<kushal> Bonaparte, yes
<kushal> Bonaparte, feel free to talk
<techbugs> i still have some DVDs to ship for this month , sometime got lazy
and sometime busy..
<Soumya> yes kushal, techbugs I can handle those till my DVD writer is alive
<techbugs> kushal , ok
<Bonaparte> I'm new here. I haven't been following up with the Fedoraproject
for a while. I'm curios to know how is the free media program progressing in
<techbugs> Soumya , can u try finding some of the pending requests from the
<kushal> techbugs, I guess he can do only direct distribution , not on
<Soumya> let me see techbugs
<techbugs> ya, I ment searching for Bangalore requests...
<techbugs> Soumya, ok.. i'll try to do some searching too in the time
* chacha_chaudhry has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
<kushal> Bonaparte, feel free to take charge of requests in Bangalore
<Bonaparte> I listed myself in the local contacts page. Please feel free to
route any new request to me
<Soumya> me too
<Bonaparte> kushal, I will look for requests in Bangalore.
<kushal> cool
* abhishek (n=abhishek at has left #fedora-india
("Konversation terminated!")
<kushal> any other issue
<kushal> anyone wants to talk on anything ?
<techbugs> thats good, I take the names from local contact page every month
for the list, if anyone hasnt i'll request them to add the name there
<kushal> I assume we can call the meeting is over

Soumya Kanti Chakraborty

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