Drupal Event at Ahmedabad [was:Re: [Ambassadors] EUROPE: CDs, Shirts and Stickers]

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Moving this part of the thread to the fedora-india list.

ElectroMech wrote:

> I am new to this list.

It would be nice if you are subscribed to the fedora-india list as well.

> But, would like to share,  I found some source in India, can get 500 dvd 
> at Rs. 4000.00 only with os written.

That's ~8 per DVD. Does that include printing for the DVD as well ?

> We are participating one International event at India, State - Gujarat , 
> City Ahmedabad. , off course to promote Fedora.

This is the Drupal event you refer to - right ? Do you have a set of 
things you intend to demonstrate / talk about ?

> We will distribute 500 Fedora 9 dvd as a KIT.

Nice. Can anyone from your team also get pictures and do up a report on 
it ? Having this much enthusiasm around Fedora does go a long way.

> I found this source still searching the dvd stickers or print on dvd or cd.

I guess we can provide the artwork off-list.


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