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Date: 2008/7/31
Subject: Looking for someone to pull / manage Games Spin for F-10
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Hi All,

I know most of us (fedora-games-list subscribers) have grown from game
packagers to contributors also doing more "serious" Fedora work.

Still Games are fun and having good Games support in Fedora is
important and I know we are all still working hard to keep our game
packages in top notch state.

Given that we have all these top notch state game packages its really
a shame that we've not done a Games Spin for F-9, and we might miss
the boat for F-10 too. So I'm looking for someone to pull and
coordinate the efforts needed to get a Games Spin for F-10, as always
I'm willing to help but:

Is taking almost all my time so I have no time to take the lead on
this one, so any takers? The first task would be to fill in the
details of:

And ask for the spin to be approved.

Thanks & Regards,


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