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Hello everyone,
   The workshop at the Inderprastha Engineering College, Sahibabad
was a great success. Here is an outline of the workshop:
   o There were about 100 attendees, including at least 50 students.
     Though the workshop started late, and went till past 6.30pm,
     most of the attendees were patient enough to stay till the end.
   o The presentations included:
     - Open source, and NLP: Dr. Om Vikas, Director, IPEC
     - Free/open source software: Kishore Bhargava, ILUG-D
     - Sailing the digital seas: Licensing, piracy, and
       Sunil Abraham, ILUG-D
     - Python programming: Piyush Verma, ILUG-D
     - Python programming: Applications on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
       Dipankar Sarkar, ILUG-D
     - RoR: Sawood Alam, ILUG-D
   o We have been requested to do more such workshops over this
     summer, with at least three more in the pipeline by August.
     Anyone who attended the IPEC workshop is requested to provide
     feedback, preferably on the Wiki page at
     or, by following up on this list.
   o We handed out 100 DVDs, and 50 Live CDs of Fedora Core 9,
     thanks to Redhat sponsoring the cost of the media, and
   o Some photos from the event were taken by Kishore Bhargava,
     who will be posting them online, and announcing the same
     soon. Anyone else who took photos is also requested to make
     them available online.
   o Copies of the presentations have been uploaded to
     Please see the links at the bottom of the page.

   Many thanks to the organisers from CSI and IPEC, the speakers,
and participants for making the event a great success. We invite
more people to come forward to give presentations at other such
events. Please fill in an outline of your idea for a presentation
at http://wiki.linux-delhi.org/cgi-bin/twiki/Main/CollegeExpo
and announce it here.



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