FUDCon India 2008

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Mon Jun 30 23:41:10 UTC 2008

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> We have the tentative budget approval to organize a FUDCon in India as 
> part of the foss.in conference in Bangalore. Since last few FUDCon's 
> have been successfully conducted in Barcamp style, we might follow it if 
> we have the infrastructure and approval from event organizers. I have 
> add some preliminary details to
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon/FUDConIndia2008

Caveat: The FUDCon at foss.in2008 is subject to the organizers agree-ing 
to such a proposal.

Having said that, it would be nice:

[1] to start a discussion on this list and, once there are emerging 
agenda points to

[2] hold an IRC meeting on this

A preliminary set of discussion points could be around:

o why do we want to do a FUDCon at foss.in
o who is our audience
o how do we determine the success of FUDCon at foss.in
o what lessons do we have from Project Day last year
o what 'activities' do we intend to do



On a personal note, I'd love to see less emphasis on talks and more 
emphasis on 'doing things' ie actual hunkering down on desktops|laptops, 
whiteboards and coming up with stuff that can be translated into action 

Such stuff could be a mundane 'creating a spin' or 'packaging a random 
application for EPEL' or, creating artwork for the Fedora India 
Community website


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