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Anyone in DEL who can hook up with this effort and thus also provide a 
Fedora presence ?

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   The Computer Society of India (CSI), Ghaziabad Chapter, is interested
in organising lectures, and workshops aimed largely at students in local
colleges. The first such event is planned to be a one-day workshop on
the 7th of June, at the Indraprastha Engineering College in Ghaziabad.
More details on this after I meet with them this Fri.

   As we have had such events in the past, and some of them, such as the
one in RKGIT, Ghaziabd, have been very successful in attracting students
to participate in ILUG-D activities, I think that we should encourage
them more than we have been doing. Towards this end, I have prepared a
list of potential topics for a workshop at
Please feel free to edit it.

   The idea is to come up with a list of topics, along with a plan of
what to cover, and how much time it would take. For example, I have done
this for the topics on Indian language computing. Then, for any particular
workshop, we can mix and match topics according to local interest.
Hopefully, this will allow us to do such workshops in a systematic way.



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