F9, FreeMedia and questions around it

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at gmail.com
Tue May 20 06:01:28 UTC 2008

> [1] ensuring that every request gets a media

The most obvious problem is _money_.

There are three ways

* More contributors, each spend a little, but sums up reasonably.
* Less contributor, each spend more money.
* Getting sponsored.

> [2] getting the initial media set to those who are participating in the
> FreeMedia program so as to enable them to reach out to the requests

Sorry to say this, but actually, this comes down to 3-5 people.
I am not counting fulfilling one or two sparse requests though.

> If, [1] is the need of the day, we would try to get a substantial number of
> LiveMedia created and shipped to a select few folks based on the trends of
> FreeMedia requests. Besides getting them to MirrorManagers in India.

Lets talk about the money first.

* Say a release continues for 13 months. We take 100 requests each month.
 => Total requests are 100*13 = 1300 media.

* Cost of media = 1300*13 = 16900 INR

* Local speed post charge = 13 INR. Remote 25 INR
  Say local req:remote req= 70:30
=> total = 900 *13 + 400 * 25= 21700 INR for postage.

* Label =1300*5 = 6500 INR

* So total cost of media for 100 req each month = 16900+21700+6500= 45100INR

* Allow one time shipping charge and misc = 5000INR

* So we need 50000INR for each release.

* So even if 100 people contribute 500INR /release (May be by draft/cheque)
it is highly doable.

Once money is arranged, rest is easy..May we do something like EMEA ?

> i] there is only a finite number of LiveMedia that can be created
> ii] postage and courier charges are the ones where most money is spent
> iii] the quantity of LiveMedia done as per [1] has to be consumed before F10
> is out

The trend says 75% of the requests are i386 and 25% are x86_64
So we may accept 60 DVD(45 i386/15 x86_64) abd 40 Livecd (30 i386 and 10 x86_64)



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