The Fedora Community in India - plans and proposals

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay foss.mailinglists at
Tue May 20 06:18:56 UTC 2008


Before I begin the mail, here are some interesting trends:

o the maps show that the uptake of rawhide in India is on the increase

o there has been an increase in the number of applicants and the number 
of accepted candidates from India in GSoC particularly in the Fedora and 
JBoss Project

o local language spins seem to be reasonably popular

o the current mirrors at NITH and WBUT are straining to serve bits and 
we need more mirrors like IIT-M to come online

o the consumption of Fedora bits via torrents show that an increase in 
the number of seeds can have an impact

o at the last count we have an increasing list of contributors to Fedora

o last time I checked we had 61 Ambassadors across the country

These trends are a fairly healthy indicator of what we can do by working 
within the FOSS community in India to encourage and mentor increased 
contributions to Fedora and upstream projects.

The current focus points are around 3 aspects:

People | Infrastructure | Presence has some details about 
what we can do together

Suggestions, feedback and brickbats are welcome :)


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