The Fedora Community in India - plans and proposals

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Tue May 20 11:02:39 UTC 2008

Debarshi Ray wrote:
> (Quoting from
> I am particularly interested in these:

I would have been happier to read your ideas that expand what can be 
done, but I guess that's coming in a later mail :)

>> # Campus and institutional tie-ups
> What do we mean by this?

This is a general statement that includes two objectives:

[1] Work with various institutions to have a relationship built that 
allows us to use their facilities for talks, meets and various related 

[2] Enable us to access their students, faculties and persons interested 
in education and FOSS to help us work in their community

> For the sake of an example, lets consider a GSoC candidate working for
> the Fedora project. What can she expect from us, or what can we expect
> from her?

If you were a GSoC candidate, what would you expect ? You were such not 
so long back, what would you have expected from Fedora and from NIT-H 
(say) ?

> Would existing student contributors be able to work on Fedora during
> the summers, which could be passed off as "a summer internship"
> effort?

I'd like to see that happen. If that requires that RHT as an 
organization needs to be involved, I'd like to make that possible (since 
my day job allows that).

One of the side effects of the campus alliance should be this.

> Or were we talking about some other kinds of "tie-ups"?

The only other kind would be where an institution requires a formal 
approach to become ready to set up a mirror.

>> # Swag - Live CD, stickers etc and use them for release events
> Are we permitted to sell swag as a fund-raiser? We all need money don't we? :-)

As on date we are not going to able to sell swag / merchandise. I'd have 
loved to get this going as much as you, but to do that we need a formal 
body in place and I (this is a personal opinion) tend to think that it 
would be a good idea to spend this year in working towards a healthy 
tribe of Fedora enthusiasts before saddling ourselves with the usual 
admin bits of a society / NGO

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