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F9, FreeMedia and questions around it


I had a single question around F9 and FreeMedia and the latter specifically. What is a more pressing problem -

[1] ensuring that every request gets a media


[2] getting the initial media set to those who are participating in the FreeMedia program so as to enable them to reach out to the requests

The reason I ask is that it would influence the way we can attempt to address this problem.

If, [1] is the need of the day, we would try to get a substantial number of LiveMedia created and shipped to a select few folks based on the trends of FreeMedia requests. Besides getting them to MirrorManagers in India.

If, [2] is seem to be the bottleneck, then it would be an easier task to generate a Everything (x86 and x86_64) and a LiveMedia set created and sent to folks who would agree to be contact points across regions.

The constraints in the scenario are:

i] there is only a finite number of LiveMedia that can be created
ii] postage and courier charges are the ones where most money is spent
iii] the quantity of LiveMedia done as per [1] has to be consumed before F10 is out

So, what do I push to get done ?



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