[fedora-india] Playing with The Potato Guy! (aka KTuberling)

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Sun Nov 9 11:35:02 UTC 2008

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"Playing with The Potato Guy! (aka KTuberling)" -

A group of semi-literate (and *totally* computer illiterate) Group D
(or Class IV i.e. the lowest grade of employees in governmental
employment) staff at an University near Kolkata amusing themselves
playing "The Potato Guy". The pertinent fact is that they have never
used Linux on the Desktop and here they are completely at ease with

Linux is supposed to be tough! Linux on the Desktop is "Orrey baba!"
(a Bengali expression that basically says "Wow! that's not my cup of
tea!")… yet all of my experiences from the last 6 years of working
with people on the ground has been otherwise, this is the latest case
in point. Almost all first-time users adapt to Linux pretty fast. It's
the so called "computer literate" that have problems galore.

For what it's worth, it was their fifth day on a computer.




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