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will need to be discussed with the entire list before a decision can be reached.. 



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Hi Guys,

I have a proposal for you. You are spending money from your pocket and
that too very inefficiently to send fedora media for free. I have been
running a very popular RequestCD program
(<http://www.zyxware.com/requestcd>) for the last 6 months where I
charge for the media and shipping from the people. I see two ways in
which we can collaborate.
1) For people who would like to get free cds - If you could send me
compiled lists and the combined payments, I can burn CDs or DVDs and
mail it to the people in the list. I should be able to do this for the
cost of media + shipping & handling which will be cheaper than what I
charge currently because shipping does not have to be through
registered post or VPP which are more expensive than courier rates.
Additionally there will be an efficiency increase because of the
larger number of identical orders.
2) For people who would like to pay for the cds and dvds - They can
order cds and dvds directly from us through the requestcd program or
if you can figure out a payment method where they pay you and you pay
me then you can pay me in bulk and collect individual payments from
end customers.


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