[fedora-india] APAC ambassadors meeting log. 09-07-2008

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 04:30:59 UTC 2008

<magie> MagieAntonio
<susmit> SusmitShannigrahi
<shambo> shambo
<born2linux> EngelsAntonio
<dipanjanc> DipanjanChakraborty
<rishikesh> Rishikesh
<rishikesh> RishikeshSharma
<btoogood> btoogood
<susmit> btoogood, your wiki name please (FirstnameLastname)
<btoogood> BrendonToogood
<susmit> what do we have on agenda?
<dipanjanc> t-shirts
<rishikesh> apac polo shirt
<susmit> ok
<rishikesh> upcoming events for q4
<rishikesh> chinese forum support
<dipanjanc> we were talking about the design and price
<rishikesh> any chinese member here?
<susmit> the design can be "outsourced" to art team
<susmit> are you aware of the service?
<dipanjanc> yes
<shambo> yes
<dipanjanc> does the price depend on the design?
<dipanjanc> or is there a fixd one?
<susmit> rarely, when you produce in bulk, its fixed
<btoogood> i reckon a fixed price myself
<dipanjanc> how much is it around?
<dipanjanc> and can we customize it for our region/
<shambo> !!
<susmit> dipanjanc, +1
<shambo> Its about 25 euro
<btoogood> as because of different currencies around apac if people
are going to order in bulk just a thought
<shambo> dipanjanc, +1
<susmit> shambo, too high a price, we produced some in ~INR250 :)
<dipanjanc> 25 euro is around how much in INR?
<btoogood> approx $54 NZD
<rishikesh> 1592 inr
<susmit> very conservative estimate, excluding shipping, ~10USD
* Subhodip has quit (No route to host)
<susmit> but the question is
<dipanjanc> 1592 INR is too high
<rishikesh> yea
<susmit> who is going to produce them and how to ship it
<susmit> ?
<rishikesh> i think 10 euro is better
<dipanjanc> can we take susmit's suggestion of INR 250?
<rishikesh> we will contact famsco for this
* Subhodip (n=subhodip at has joined #fedora-meeting
<susmit> Initially, it will involve a lot of money
<susmit> rishikesh, that's fine
<rishikesh> becasue all the financial matter require to contact famsco
<dipanjanc> if we want to customize it, who's doing the design?
<susmit> they are unlikely to provide support for something non-event
<rishikesh> they have already done for the european ambassadors
<btoogood> ok i have just had a thought, now dont bite me, but why not
get the design done and the ambassadors get them printed for there
regions, according to colour of the polo
<btoogood> as different countries different prices for printing, just a thought
<Subhodip> i guess it was for fudcon
<susmit> EMEA has done that..my friend
 shambo shandflm SMParrish sm|CPU Sonar_Gal Sonar_Guy sonar_logger3
spevack spot spstarr_work stickster StillBob Subhodip susmit
<susmit> and yes, Subhodip is right
<dipanjanc> so, what's the solution?
<shambo> we must calculate the oder no first as with that pricing will
vary .i.e if we are ordering
<Subhodip> getting a polo shirt printed will be expensive
<susmit> Subhodip, not much
<susmit> ~10USD
<rishikesh> for that quatity, we need to put up the wiki for polo shirt request
<rishikesh> for that quantity, we need to put up the wiki for polo shirt request
<magie> it's around 7 us dollars in the philippines
<Subhodip> so what about normal tees ..then btoogood's suggestion can be done
<susmit> magie, nice :)
<susmit> Subhodip, we
<susmit> have two things
<susmit> one production cost, and another shipping cost
<magie> normal t-shirts go for 4.3 us dollars
<dipanjanc> btoogood's suggestion of getting the design done and
printing it locally is good.
<dipanjanc> is it not?
<rishikesh> lets fix one thing first
<susmit> yes
<Subhodip> if we have a specific design and if we print them locally
as per btoogood then shipping cost
<Subhodip> is not needed i guess
<susmit> first thing is, lets approach art team for a cooool design.
<rishikesh> it should be polo shirt or t-shirt
<susmit> :)
<rishikesh> to me i think polo shirt is better than th-shirt
<Subhodip> +1
<dipanjanc> whichever is more economic :)
<rishikesh> 'casue in any event, polo shirt is better
<Subhodip> tee shirt
<susmit> rishikesh, me, me , me too...
<btoogood> tee shirt is better in summer
<rishikesh> t-shirt is very casual
<rishikesh> not so formal
<dipanjanc> we mostly have summer in India
<Subhodip> eh .. i am wearing fedora tee now ..its not casual
<susmit> what others say?
<rishikesh> 'cause we represent fedora
<dipanjanc> casual is not a factor. I think
<EvilBob> Get Fedora skirts so you stand out in the crowd...
<rishikesh> what we do is what fedora is
* EvilBob runs
<dipanjanc> whatever is good will do
<Subhodip> EvilBob, lol
* susmit runs afet EvilBob
<susmit> after
<shambo> tees will be better
<btoogood> +1 for tees
<Subhodip> so what about if we have a design and let  the ambassador
print on what he wan t
<rishikesh> so representing fedora on people event by wearing t-shirt
is not a good idea to me
<Subhodip> want
<dipanjanc> +1 for tees
<susmit> hold on for a second
<susmit> what about girls?
<Subhodip> rishikesh, you are getting it wrong
<dipanjanc> girls wear t-shirts
<dipanjanc> don't they?
<susmit> but the _same_ t-shirt?
<btoogood> they do here
<Subhodip> susmit, yes
<dipanjanc> they do wear the same t-shirts.
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<susmit> I have no problem, but why not ask the girls?
<btoogood> uni-sex tees
<dipanjanc> But, incase they are reluctant, we must think of an alternative
<shambo> if being formal is the case  full sleeve shirts is a better option
<dipanjanc> I am not much conversant about ladies-wears
<susmit> lets post this idea on list..and ask for "criticism" :)
<rishikesh> ok
<shambo> +1
<Subhodip> +1
<rishikesh> +1
<btoogood> +1
<dipanjanc> +1
<susmit> +1 :)
* btoogood just asked my wife she thinks tees
<dipanjanc> will differ from country to country
<susmit> and? we are waiting with our finger crossed :D
<rishikesh> fedora is the voice of people, so lets put up on wiki for vote
<dipanjanc> have we finalised for the men?
<dipanjanc> or do we vote for it?
<btoogood> lets take a vote
<susmit> lets discuss it on the list first...then we 'll have a vote
* Subhodip thinks normal tee is better .. but not the white one ..if
printed on black/blue ..its great
<dipanjanc> if we go for a vote, we must also mention the estimated
price against each option
<shambo> about the costing : we should select a nation where cost of
printing and cost of tees/polos will be low
<btoogood> +1 for blue
<dipanjanc> and shipping
<shambo> withn APAC
<rishikesh> we should go for fedora colour
<shambo> shipping will be less than that of US
<susmit> considering APAC is a huge region, why don't we produce it
two or three countries..
<Subhodip> first get the artwork done .. then we can have it printed
in our respective countries
<susmit> but lets not get into details first
<susmit> Subhodip, right
<dipanjanc> then what about the idea of printing it locally?
<Subhodip> why bother about shipping right now
<shambo> subhodip +1
<susmit> dipanjanc, hold on
<susmit> Lets define the tasks
<dipanjanc> ok
<shambo> ok
<rishikesh> ok
<susmit> 1. Post to the list asking for suggestions
<btoogood> ok
<susmit> 2. Request the art team along with Ideas
<susmit> 3. Decide whether it will be a t-shirt or whatever
<susmit> 4. Who is going to produce and store and ship
<susmit> 5. How many?
<susmit> EOF
<rishikesh> ok
<rishikesh> +1
<shambo> +1
<dipanjanc> done
<susmit> anything anyone want to add?
<rishikesh> lets do this onefirst
<dipanjanc> can we also list the estimated price when we decide?
<rishikesh> good idea
<btoogood> good idea
<susmit> yes we can
<dipanjanc> which point does this add to? 6.?
<susmit> dipanjanc, why don't you put up a wiki page on the same?
<shambo> i think we should consider both pricing of tees and polos
<dipanjanc> ok. I will do it. And let you know
<susmit> thanks
<rishikesh> ok
<susmit> so may we move?
<shambo> it will help in price comparison and better decision making
<rishikesh> thats the end of discussion for shirts
<dipanjanc> yes what's next?
<rishikesh> now lets move forward for the events
<btoogood> yip lets
<shambo> yes
<susmit> anyone from china?
<rishikesh> i think we should go for a event in which all regions
members can meet with
<susmit> I guess no...so no point discussing agenda 2
<rishikesh> each other ambassadors
<dipanjanc> we are from different countries
<Subhodip> susmit, link to agenda 2 please
<susmit> Subhodip,
<susmit> agenda 3
<rishikesh> i think chinese people are not avaibale on the meeting
<Subhodip> susmit, thanks
<dipanjanc> q4 events
<susmit> yes
<rishikesh> yea
<rishikesh> i have too a event on december 7
<magie> !
<susmit> magie,
<susmit> please go on
<magie> OT: we have an upcoming event on Sept 20, Q3
<magie> before we talk about Q4
<susmit> oops...the budget for Q3 is closed. But please go on
<magie> funding was allocated for apac c/o Harish Pillay
<susmit> oh, its listed
<susmit> ok
<susmit> SFD>'
<susmit> ?
<magie> software freedom day
<magie> http://bluepoint.com.ph/sfd08/
<magie> just want to ask how we go about getting help/funds
<magie> if anyone has done it before
<susmit> if you have an event, you need to enlist the event before
that quarter's budget is closed
<magie> yes we've done that, what's next?
<rishikesh> the guidelines is also avaibale on the wiki
<susmit> if famsco approve that, you will get funded
<magie> budget is approved but how do we get the fund?
<rishikesh> on december 7, 2008 i have Fedora 10 Realease party and
install fest at Imphal,Manipur
<rishikesh> this is the first fedora event in my region
<susmit> I am not sure, probably you receive the fund after the event,
I was so told...anyone from FamsCo here?
<born2linux> magie, maybe we can just coordinate with famsco or harish
about your inquiry
<susmit> magie, anything else?
<dipanjanc> I think we can move on
<rishikesh> ok
<susmit> rishikesh, have you enlisted your event?
<magie> it's ok, I think rishikesh is excited about his event
<susmit> :)
<rishikesh> yea
<rishikesh> you can check on the wiki
<susmit> have you estimated expense and mailed famsco?
<rishikesh> i would like to proposed an event in which apac
ambassadors can meet with each other
<rishikesh> nope
<susmit> do that
<Subhodip> rishikesh, do one thing at a time
<btoogood> that would be good but very expensive though going from one
country to another
<rishikesh> ok
<susmit> btoogood, +1
<Subhodip> btoogood, +1
<born2linux> +1
<susmit> rishikesh, why do you think meeting in person is very necessary?
<dipanjanc> btoogood, +1
<btoogood> +1
<dipanjanc> we are meetin here
<rishikesh> do i need to explain all the detail expenses
<rishikesh> while submitting
<susmit> as minutely as possible
<rishikesh> ok
<btoogood> ok
<susmit> Subhodip, can you have one such event?
<susmit> may be at your place? or nit dgp?
<susmit> I meant release event...
<shambo> susmit we have a event on 20 sept
<susmit> shambo, just a second
<susmit> please
<Subhodip> i need to talk to people in my college
* stickster is now known as stickster_afk
<susmit> do it please
<Subhodip> ok
<dipanjanc> yes. that will be great
<susmit> dipanjanc, you can do that too at your lug?
<dipanjanc> susmit: what about your place?
<dipanjanc> yes I can. I suppose
<susmit> go on and organise
<susmit> shambo, please
<dipanjanc> will need some details about how it's done
<shambo> susmit we have a event on 20 sept
<susmit> dipanjanc, mail me offlist
<dipanjanc> ok
<susmit> is it listed
<susmit> ?
* makghosh (n=Joy at has joined #fedora-meeting
<shambo> check out  http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
<susmit> which one?
* warren (n=warren at redhat/wombat/warren) has joined #fedora-meeting
<shambo> owner A. Mani
<susmit> oh..ok
<susmit> SFD
<shambo> yes
<susmit> do you need any assistance?
<susmit> not money
<susmit> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Budget
does not show your event
<shambo> yes can i attend it . im not an ambassador
<susmit> of course
<shambo> ok
<dipanjanc> can anyone give me the venue in Kolkata for this?
<shambo> where is the event in kolkata no details is given
<susmit> but that depends on the organisers, within fedora, if you are
not an Ambassador its not a problem..
<susmit> but why don't be one?
<Subhodip> no offence ...aren't we deviating from agenda ..we are
still stuck with Q3 ..
<susmit> Subhodip, and its the last one :D
<susmit> but yes, shambo mail Mani A.
<susmit> anyone else?
<shambo> ok
<susmit> anything more anyone want to discuss?
<susmit> 5
<rishikesh> yes
<susmit> rishikesh,
<rishikesh> what are resources i can avail for my event
<susmit> what do you need?
<rishikesh> my event is fedora 10 release and i need fedora 10 dvd media
<rishikesh> it is not released now
<susmit> if you receive money, you need to take care of all those
things from your budget
<rishikesh> but when it is released
<susmit> please search the wiki
<shambo> there is a alpha release
<rishikesh> when submiting budget
<rishikesh> can i include all the requirements
<rishikesh> iam going for a final release not alpha
<rishikesh> like blank dvd cost
<susmit> estimate..for example....for producing 100 media I need
100*9=900 INR for media and 100*1 =100 INR for stickers..So 1000INR
for media and so on...
<rishikesh> projector hiring cost
<btoogood> stickers?
<susmit> cd labels
<btoogood> true
<susmit> rishikesh, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/Organization
<susmit> go through it.
<susmit> anything more?
<rishikesh> ok
<susmit> 5
<susmit> 4
<susmit> 3
<susmit> 2



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