[fedora-india] Questions regarding Free Media program

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 02:39:38 UTC 2008

>    I am a member of Fedora FreeMedia LocalContacts program[1]. When I get a
> request regarding free media (which I usually get via a personal mail)
> should I update this wiki page[2] with the request and its status?

No. You can do it but you should not.
When you get personal requests, please update this page.
Also, if you get requests from outside your locality, please redirect
it to suitable LocalContact.

The freemedia page is a collection of requests coming via the
freemedia list. You should not update this page because for freemedia,
you can not ask for cd/dvd. As a localcontact, you may or may not ask
for blank media. Those are two seperate program.

>    Also can I have the addresses of the requesters for this month so that I
> can help out the people requesting from Hyderabad? I couldn't find then
> anywhere online.

For this you have to subscribe to the freemedia list, then you will
get the requests in your mailbox. We are in process of streamlining
this process, but for the time being, that's the only option.




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