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> Sankarshan, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I wasn't in a mood to
> re-write my yesterday's speech  ( from some other list ) ;)

Yeah well, what do you know ;)

I took the liberty of editing the $subject to reflect what I was responding to

> OT : Suggestion - maybe before going into this process of creating
> multiple lugs and also Fedora ambassadors there are important things
> to be done like teaching people how to write an email to mailing
> lists. How to read emails? How to think about what is written?
> Such type of emailing etiquette  is not doing any good to anybody or
> the community itself.
> So when somebody goes to promote Fedora or start a new lug at a new
> place  - maybe she/he needs to tell the audience about a few more
> things other than the standard stuff. How to behave, listen to
> community and work with the community is a good thing to tell them? (
> This also goes for other projects as well.)

And, this isn't off-topic. At least not in my books. I have had a
number of animated discussions with a lot of folks about this. One of
the trends that I notice is that a lot of freshers/younger folks are
coming to Fedora and other projects. The upside is that there is a lot
of fresh minds, the downside is that the earlier mentoring and
coaching which used to happen via *UGs seem to be missing. Add to that
the point which Shakthi had raised - about the Ambassadors and other
participants being more visible and constructive ong the *UGs. We do
have a somewhat unique problem.

There was a time when I used to be the town crier about Producing Open
Source Software. Primarily because it contains elements which are
helpful to the new entrant and, serve as a refresher for the old dog.

I tend to hold to the belief that if Fedora is to lead the advancement
of free and open source software and content through a community of
collaboration, then it is our duty to teach/coach/guide all those who
join us for the ride about the basic foundations of our community and,
the elements that make it tick. Alongside we need to hand hold them
with the fundamental hygiene bits.

So, if someone wants to undertake a small tutorial over IRC on those
bits, I'd love to go to town and exhort a full house.

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