[fedora-india] Speakers needed for Community Learning Programs at Birla Institute of Technology

Debjit Saha dkd903 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 12:05:59 UTC 2009

Hey All!

Birla Institute of Technology (www.bitmesra.ac.in) is a premier
engineering college located in Mesra which is around 25 Kms from
Ranchi - The state capital of Jharkhand (Formerly a part of Bihar). We
organize a year round event consisting of Lectures and Workshops under
the banner of Community Learning Programs. The audience for these
workshops and lectures include students, teachers and IT
proffessionals from Ranchi area.  This year we are planning to hold
better lectures and workshops especially in the field of Linux
administration, Networking and Virtualization. We already have had a
good number of workshops on Linux with the help of the student
community of our college but it would be better to have them conducted
by experts :-).For this purpose we need good and knowledgeable
speakers who can come to the campus of Birla Institute of Technology
and give talks and conduct workshops. The travelling costs of the
visiting speakers (from India) will be covered by us and will be
provided with standard boarding and lodging facilities in the Campus
Guest house.

Fedora India Ambassador
email:  dkd903 at gmail.com
phone: +919204482409

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