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>  Date of inauguration Followed by FOSS Events: 18th April, 2009
> 1.      The 'GNU/Linux User Group of KGEC' will be the support and
> development group for FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).
> 2.      The membership of 'GNU/Linux User Group of KGEC' is open to all,
> even from other colleges.
> 3.      A candidate will have to Register for membership and join the
> mailing list of 'GNU/Linux User Group of KGEC' to be considered as a
> member.
> Mailing List: http://groups.google.com/group/kgeclug
> After completing this process, the candidate will be given the membership
> certificate.
> 4.      The members of the 'GNU/Linux User Group of KGEC' can request free
> media (CD's and DVD's) of any available Linux Distribution to the
> core-committee.
> 5.      The members of 'GNU/Linux User Group of KGEC' can post all their
> Linux related problems in the Mailing List and can also help with the
> solution of others problem. The Mailing List also has experts from the FOSS
> community to guide and help with the solution.
> 6.      There will be a core-committee of 'GNU/Linux User Group of KGEC'
> whose members will be sound in Technical Skill.
> 7.      The core-committee will help the Linux users (support) and will use
> their skills for contribution to FOSS community (Development).
> 8.      The core-committee members will take decisions of 'GNU/Linux User
> Group of KGEC' and carry on FOSS Events.
> 9.      The core-committee members will install and maintain few computers
> assigned to the 'GNU/Linux User Group of KGEC' in Library and Computer
>  Labs
> of KGEC.
> 10.     The core-committee members will do their work after the college
> hour
> (since it is branch and year independent).
> 11.     The membership of core-committee is open to all KGEC Students.
> 12.     A candidate can get the membership of the core-committee after
> completing the following process:
>  a.   The candidate will have to be a member of 'GNU/Linux User Group of
> KGEC'.
>  b.   The candidate will have to register for membership in core-committee.
>  c.   The candidate will have to actively participate and work under the
> guidance of the existing core committee.
>  d.   After a month, the candidate will be considered a member of the
> core-committee if the existing core-committee feels that the candidate has
> worked for the core-committee and is possessing necessary  technical skills
> for the post. Skills Required:
>     i) The candidate should be able to perform installation and configure a
> Linux System and use it for all basic needs (music, internet, LAN, CD
> writing, etc)
>     ii) The candidate should have the knowledge of partitioning and  Linux
> file-systems.
>     iii) The candidate should be able to solve basic problems of users.
>  e.   The candidate will be given the core-committee membership
> certificate.
>  f.   If the candidate is still not well suited for the post, he/she will
> have to continue his/her activities with the core-committee for few more
> days as a non core-committee member. Eventually the membership will be
> approved.
> 13.     The Secretary will be the head of core-committee.
> 14.     The President will be the head of 'GNU/Linux User Group of KGEC'.
> 15.   The Treasurer will be in charge of all the Funds of 'GNU/Linux User
> Group of KGEC'.
> Secretary: Rohit Gupta (IT-2nd year, KGEC)
> President: Mr. Kousik Dasgupta (Lecturer, Dept of CSE)
> Treasurer:  Prof. Satadal Mal (HOD, Dept. of EE)
> No. of Computers expected and Details:
> a) 1 (one) in Library (already installed).
> b) 5 (Five) from every Department (CSE, EE, IT, ME, ECE, MCA).
> c) The maintainance of computers will be done after college hours (5 pm).
> d)Each computer will have the label as "Maintained by GNU/LUG of KGEC".
> Work already Done:
> 1) Having Successfully conducting an installfest in KGEC. Details:
> http://kgeclug.blog.co.in/
> Photo Gallery:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/kgec/
> http://picasaweb.google.co.in/kgeclug/KGECInstallfest09
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/indradg/sets/72157614247371239/
> 2) Setting up a computer in the college Library which has public access
> with
> a poster as 'Maintained by GNU/Linux User Group of KGEC'.
> 3) Starting the Linux For You Magazine in college. Starting this month
> (April '09).
> 4) We have the full fedora repository (25.7 GB) for Intel architecture. So
> no internet connection required for installation of additional software.
> 5) We have loads of many other different distributions (ubuntu, suse,
> slackware, etc).
> 6) The setting up of full fedora repo in RBC and VC.
> Membership Fees:
> 1.      For membership of 'GNU/Linux User Group of KGEC' : Rs. 60
> 2.      For membership in core-committee of 'GNU/Linux User Group of KGEC'
> :
> Rs. 30


As far as I feel, you should not charge anything for membership. A LUG is
very different from a Club or Society. What you can charge for are the
dvd/cds (which you may occasionally throw in for free too). If you have your
LUG T-Shirt then you may charge the junta for them. You can contact training
institutes like NIIT or Aptech for spponsorship. They easily give
substantial amount of money for supporting all of your GNU/LUG based events.



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