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Tue Apr 14 01:24:10 UTC 2009

On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 4:59 AM, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay
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> You'd need to prod the particular Spin maintainer for an answer to that :)

Yes, Sundaram can be the very person here. He once helped me a lot
about the kickstart and all, actually that was the first time I
understood what it is. And this is beyond people like me to customize
a respin. He can do it for us.

> I could not comprehend the specific part. Windows installations and
> modem as router bit ...

Ahem ... err ... actually I don't know how to make a configured router
available in MSW, because I have never used one. I permanently
transferred to GNU-Linux only environments before broadband and all
came. And I am not at all technically knowledgeable like you people to
understand all the MSW things. In Linux I can learn because there are
the Howto-s and a lot of related literature within the system and on
the Net. And also I don't like to boot into the MSW environments too
in the machines for my colleagues, friends or associates, primarily
because MSW seems too difficult and non-transparent (I think you can
get what I am saying, in Linux you can learn if you read, and maybe
there is a mindset to use MSW that I have lost) and secondly, all
those MSW-s are stolen, I mean not original, copies of copies of
copies. So, if the user now asks, after you have changed the modem
into a router, how I am going to access it in MSW, what I am going to
reply? Am I not too old to start researching MSW on stolen OS-s,
because I cannot afford to buy one? I had purchased one MSW-95 and
MS-Word 7 in 1996. Within three or four years I started rejecting it
altogether, those eight thousand Rupees going down the drain. And are
you suggesting me to purchase one, and the suggestion coming on a
Linux mailing list?

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