[fedora-india] Re: Virtualization for Beginner

Debarshi Ray debarshi.ray at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 09:09:02 UTC 2009

>> So, after some friends suggested, I now want to go into
>> virtualization. And I know nothing. I have a really huge amount of HD
>> space, and 4GB memory. And my CPU has the virtualization flags. I am
>> myself using Fedora 11 Beta and I want to have virtual installations
>> of Ubuntu and OpenSuse on my system.

Yum install virt-manager and KVM, and you should be all set. Beyond
that it is just click-click and go. Right now I don't remember the
names of the packages, and I think they have changed from Fedora 10 to
Fedora 11. If you have not figured it out (using yum search), I will
send in the details tonight.

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