[fedora-india] Installing language support

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Thu Apr 23 08:55:53 UTC 2009




Instead of cherry picking individual packages (such as the ones
containing the localized strings, spell checkers, input methods etc)
necessary for locale support, you can either use PackageKit, click on
"Package Collections" and select the appropriate language or just do

# yum install @<language>-support


# yum install @bengali-support

@ is a short cut for group installs,

Group installs provide not only a quick way to install the necessary
packages but also conditionally install packages on demand.

For example, when you do this, openoffice.org-langpack-bn or
imsettings-xfce will be automatically installed if and only if you have
Openoffice.org or Xfce respectively already installed on your system.


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