[fedora-india] Help for Hosting Required

Saurabh Bathe saurabh at beginbyte.org
Sun Apr 26 05:49:38 UTC 2009

Rishikesh Sharma wrote:
> What is the nameservers to be use because i run my own namerserver at
> my place using my public ip?
So, whois tells me that current nameservers for csmanipur.co.in are:

Also, if I do a query for ns1.csmanipur.co.in, nothing is returned.
Which means:
1. The registry does not know about ns1.csmanipur.co.in
2. The top level and your current DNS servers do not know of

The first thing to do would be:
1. Add a record for ns1.csmanipur.co.in to the current name servers (you
can ask your registrars to do that, in case you do not have access to do
it yourself)
2. Make sure your NEW nameserves also can resolve ns1.csmanipur.co.in

1.  sometimes try answering what people who are trying to help you are
asking, even if the questions seem too trivial to you. You ofcourse know
all about your environment, we do not.
2. Configure your email client to send text emails to the list.
3. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/MailingListGuidelines and
are good references.


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