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Ritesh Sinha sinha.k.ritesh at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 04:54:45 UTC 2009


Try this. I assume the hosting provider does provide some form of free
DNS service to begin with (most that I know of do). Create a new A
record in the free dns server (ns1.csmanipur.co.in). Point this to
your permanent name server (ip address of the nameserver).

Additionally you may want to configure CNAME records such as
www.csmanipur.co.in too.

Now go to manage your name servers and add this as a name server. Try
this without deleting the existing entries (You could later delete
this). Your nameserver should be configured to be authoritative for
your domain. Please remember that DNS changes take 24-72 hours to

Also, I would recommend against using your own DNS server unless you
absolutely require the additional functionality.

In effect this is how it would work

Registrar resolves your server's IP address and your domain name
server's IP Address, your DNS server is authoritative for subdomains
within your domain (e.g. aloo.csmanipur.co.in, bhindi.csmanipur.co.in

Let me know if this works.



On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 8:23 AM, Saurabh Bathe <saurabh at beginbyte.org> wrote:
> Rishikesh Sharma wrote:
>> Thank you so much for the support. But my domain registrar domain
>> management page is not able to set my public ip address as my
>> nameserver. i got error message as "Name Server does not Resolve"
> No top posting please.
> No HTML mails please.
> Next time you dont pay heed to any of this, I ignore your emails.
> I think you first need to understand how internet works. There are some
> very good replies to your query, but I guess you either did not properly
> read them or did not understand them.
> I would recommend you get a  copy of  "DNS and BIND" by  By Paul Albitz,
> Cricket Liu and read the first 2 Chapters, they give a fairly good
> understanding of what DNS is and how DNS and esp delegation works in
> Internet.
> Second, google for "register name server". It will throw up some good
> examples.
> http://www.webmasterworld.com/domain_names/3297795.htm is one good
> discussion.
> /Saurabh
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