[fedora-india] getting college involved with fedora

Anirudh Singh Shekhawat shekhawat.anirudh at gmail.com
Sun Aug 9 05:59:47 UTC 2009


I'm a fedora ambassador in jaipur rajasthan, and a member of lug-jaipur 
which is rather quite inclined towards fedora too. I'm also enrolled in 
a local college and doing computer science engineering in 7th sem.
Well my college has been an avid user of open source technologies.

# fedora 10 was recently installed in all college computers i.e. over 
300 computers, f10 might have been the choice because of the delay in 
the availability and more over, college lacks the technical support, 
there are lab assistants and teachers who know very little about foss 
and stuff, but anyways the management makes it a point to do so.
# college is also registered in the sun-osum initiative, with members 
more than 700, its among the worlds top for the maximum number of 
members, but the silver lining here is that, those are just figures and 
no one really know anything about foss, even the osum core committee 
members know nothing. But again that is so because there are no serious 
guys who want to do *real* work.

Well the whole point of this is, that i want to do some *real* foss work 
in college and get it involved with the mainstream fedora 
contributing/developer community. I want to make a list of things which 
can be done, so then I can talk to my HOD and start things over. So 
suggest me with things which we can do here.
I've some ideas on the lines of:-
# make students use fedora in programming and other tasks in college.
# getting them involved with different mainstream projects under 
# contribution on the basis of quality rather than quantity.
# make college or rather jaipur a hub of foss community work.

This will also involve lug and the same things could also be implemented 
in other colleges, since there are a few others, where we've conducted 
workshops as part of lug and have been using fedora all the way.

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