[fedora-india] Re: Fedora 10, 11 Repositories

Anirudh Singh Shekhawat shekhawat.anirudh at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 17:23:18 UTC 2009

>> I now have Fedora 10 and Fedora 11 repositories, each 25 GB that can
>> be used completely offline. At present I am in Hyderabad, and if
>> anyone needs it, please let me know.
>> I shall copy the repositories to others when I travel to their
>> respective cities/towns/villages.
> Thanks for doing this Shakthi. For others, how can we best use this ?
We can a wiki page for it, just like the fedora media. But here, the 
person requesting it would have to send the dvd or the blanc media on 
which this could be burned and sent. What we'd want is to spread 
repository in all parts of india, and the contacts having the repo could 
be listed on the wiki as well, for further localization.


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