[fedora-india] Feasibility of a Repository Dump of F 10

das das at randomink.org
Sat Aug 15 04:24:10 UTC 2009

Hello Friends

For some of my Linux friends who do not have any Net connection I want
Fedora to be available. And quite a few of them are on Fedora 10, and
so I would like to have a dump of the Fedora repository, together with
matching rpmfusion.org repository.

What will be the best (read easiest, I know very little of technical
things) method of doing this? Long back, once, Susmit Shannigrahi
wrote some rsync scripts personally for that. But I have lost them.
And is there any easier way, or, better, some captive software for
this? And what will be the approximate size of this? Within say 200 or
300 GB? That time it came within less than 40 GB.

Please suggest if any of you have any idea.

দাশ das

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