[fedora-india] FOSS.IN 2009 retrospective

steve steve at lonetwin.net
Sun Dec 13 06:51:20 UTC 2009


This thread started with a discussion about FOSS.IN, which I had planned on 
attending but unfortunately had to cancel those plans at the last moment. 
Although, it now has brought out a few good points about contribution, so I 
would like to submit my 2p worth.

As a packager, one of the biggest turn-offs for me used to be the turn-around 
time for the reviews. I've submitted my first package for review in F9 (or early 
F10), i think, but got my first one accepted sometime in the late F10 cycle. 
However, once i accepted the delays, it became easier for me to just submit and 
wait for a review.

So, IMHO, besides generating the initial enthusiasm, it is also important that 
we have a way of sustaining it. This can be done by either setting real 
expectations on the delays involved for initial contributions to get through or 
by decreasing in some manner these delays.

We could for instance ask new contributors to send out a mail here to 
fedora-india list mentioning their BZs so that someone responds more quickly.

- steve

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