[fedora-india] Organizing FAD in Varanasi (IT-BHU)

Dushyanth R r.dushyanth at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 08:48:07 UTC 2009

Hi all,
Firstly, thanks for the ideas.

> Right up, I'd suggest that a few sessions helping the audience get up
> to speed with installation, configuration and basics about using
> networking, version control, mailing lists, IRC etc should suffice.
> Given that you say this is a set of 'novice skills' forming an User
> Group and interacting intensely with projects would lead to a quicker
> round of knowledge sharing.

We already have had an installation workshop, networking,advantages of
OSS, workshop. Will need to take up version control, IRC related stuff
then. (will need to learn version control myself - isn't it that CVS
thing? ;) -any pointers in this regard? )

> The FAD page on the wiki is organic - any set of activities that
> should help a group of people develop into better contributors evolves
> into an Activity Day. So, it is up to us to choose what should such
> activities be :) Nice isn't it ?

noh :(  Its always easier if one is spoon-fed. But I do understand a
cub has to fend for itself sooner or later. Thanks for the enthusiasm
in this low-key event.

R Dhushyanth

p.s.-suggestions, personal experiences, ideas will be welcome.

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